Country Maturity Quotient

I stopped by the lounge on my way upstairs from the kitchen and saw a few minutes of the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Maybe because I had the high Intelligence Quotient low Emotional Quotient contrast on my mind but as I was resting for my next counselling session I got to thinking about a measurement scale for civilisations, cultures or countries.

You know how they have these assessment sheets for kids:
Plays well with peers
Respects other’s property
Respects other’s communications
Follows orders
Obeys rules

I wondered if anyone had ever come up with an assessment sheet for countries. Things like:
Does not invade other countries or infringe on their commercial rights
Respects other’s sovereignty, borders and territorial rights
Maintains fair trading relationships
Comes to aid of neighbouring countries in their need
Does not spy on their neighbours
Does not attempt to weaken or diminish the power, resources, population or culture of other sovereign states
Obeys international laws and signed treaties
Enhances rather than pollutes their own and international lands and waters and air
Preserves their indigenous peoples and cultures
Preserves and improves their environment

There would be few that scored well on such a scale methinks.

I think we need to formulate a better process for arriving at who we select to lead out countries as the current processes have not yielded the most desirable result! We need to start selecting leaders on the basis of an excellent production record of leadership and sustainable and viable expansion under their leadership.

That way we would stand a far better chance of having the culture outlive our grandchildren!

There Was Once A Time

There Was Once A Time

Pretty simple, really. Start by banning psychiatry and its practice. After all, the rot started from them. As all bad conditions do. The then president of the world federaton of mental health, one Brock Chisholm, said in 1947 that the goal of psychiatry was the eradication of the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil. And that to achieve their objectives they needed to infiltrate the professions, which they did.

We see the result of their handiwork at every turn. Rapidly declining moral and ethical standards, rampart drug use, illiteracy, inability to communicate or think clearly and assign correct cause to situations… …all these can be traced directly back to psychiatry.