Gulf War Syndrome: Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel were Injected with Untested Vaccines


Gulf War Syndrome: Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel were Injected with Untested Vaccines

As Christina England was writing this expose the past week, Polly Tommey, one of the producers and part of the VAXXED film team, filmed an interview with Sherrie Saunders, a former military medic and now whistleblower regarding military vaccines.

Sherrie discovered that the animal protein in the anthrax vaccine was causing Gulf War syndrome in some soldiers, some who even died. When she reported it to her commander, she got a visit from someone in Washington, D.C. and was told to keep quiet about it.

She is no longer keeping quiet. Listen to this interview which is going viral on the Internet:



And with FAR fewer side effects! But as a very important total obliteration of ADHD, the inventer of it admitted it is a made up disease. Not to say that kids don’t experience short attention span, distractions and inabilities to learn but most of these disappear when sugar, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives are removed from the diet!

Go to Natural News and search for Saffron for more details.

Doctors Euthanized 38 Year-Old Woman Dealing With Depression Instead of Treating Her

Tine Nys

Sad, angry, nay outraged of this barbaric and evil act. Most people’s depression can resolved with merely a daily walk and some nutrients. Whatever happened to “do no harm”?

I’ve said for years it is dangerous and destructive to see a psychiatrist. Seems to be getting that way to see a GP they are so inculcated into the big pHarma drug culture.

A Note To The Truth Tellers

Apparently the two most dangerous things you can do are to help people and to tell the truth in the face of popularly held false beliefs. I have been gulity of both.
I had an amusing phone call this morning from a low toned individual. It’s interesting how low toned individuals try to bring you down but if you know the laws of life and universes you can take it as a compliment!
I share this for those friends (too many to tag) on my communication lines who are on the front lines battling lies and ignorance so you can take a win when someone tries to invalidate you.
The gentleman who called me this morning said, “We’re on a different wavelength.” and hung up.
He did not introduce himself. (Ill mannered)
He was not specific on his point of disagreement. (Suppressive)
He did not give me the opportunity to respond. (Low confront)
So he was rude in not introducing himself, a coward on not wanting to identify himself and not allowing time for a response and wanting to be destructive by virtue of being someone who is not specific and wants to put others in mystery (the bottom of hte scale).
So his only product was to make me feel validated for being on a different wavelength to and threrefore unlike him!
Have a great day, truth-tellers!

Psychiatry – No Science. Real Harm.

Psychiatry - No Science. Real Harm.

They have never cured even a single a soul. They only destroy life and lives. Hell, they do not even know a soul exists! They even “preach” in their texts that man has no soul! Try telling THAT to someone who has been outside their body and knows they are an immortal being!