Outsmarting Keyloggers

Are you worried that when you use a public terminal, a keylogger might snag your password info? Read today’s tip to learn what you can do to outwit this brand of spy software. more

Windows sales drop nearly a quarter

Microsoft has posted revenue of US$4.03 billion from all desktop versions of Windows for the three months ending 31 March, down from US$5.3 billion during the same period 12 months earlier. more

Hacking XP

Have you rejected Vista to stick with the tried and true? Good for you, because PC Mag’s got a lot of ways you can hack Windows XP in an old tip of the day here

Type and Layout Design Principles

Here is a link to a web design expert’s usability site. This week’s article features a couple of points near and dear to my soul. here

They exactly mirror the advice in a book I purchased twenty years ago called “Communicating or Just Making Pretty Shapes” by Colin Wheildon. It is a must read for anyone having anything to do with creating marketing or promotional material.