An Urgent Message To Freedom Loving Americans – The Problem and a Solution

OK. So what do we know?
We know that 911 was an inside job planned and executed to foment a state of mind that would permit the passage of legislation that would curtail individual liberties towards the creation of a Police State.
We know Obama is violating his oath to uphold the constitution. The US Supreme Court said so this week.
We know he has signed into law the ability to hold anyone indefinitely or kill them without trial by jury.
We know he is signing death warrants that use drones and kill innocent women and children.
We know that when this happens to an Afghan or Pakistani family it is collateral damage but when it happens to some equally unfortunate families in Sandy Hook it is a national tragedy that requires immediate and drastic action which includes the overthrow of a basic tenet on which the Republic was created.
We know he wants to remove the rights of the US citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government by bearing arms.
We know that most of the members of Congress are treasonous to their oath to the Constitution because they are allowing, in direct and flagrant violation of the Constitution, citizen’s rights to be removed.
We know the US Education Department has instituted a program to deliberately dumb down the population to make it easier to control.
We know the FDA is a revolving door for drug company personnel and more concerned with protecting drug company profits that the American consumer’s health.
We know that every year that passes we get another year of dumbed down kids graduate and another year of well educated old-timers turn up their toes. This means we are better off acting sooner rather than later.
We know the Justice Department is guilty of supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartels in order to help bring about the reduced rights of Americans to own guns.
We know the court system has removed the right to trial by jury of one’s peers in most cases.
We know that large corporations can commit large scale crimes and get away with it because they are too big to prosecute.
We know that large corporations can commit large scale environmental acts of destruction and get away with it because they are too big to fail.
We’ve seen pictures of FEMA detention camps.
We know they are putting toxins in the water (fluoride) the vaccinations (too many to list here) and the air (chemtrails) that have the effect of dumbing us down or debilitating us.
We know the Feds are arming local police with military style equipment.
We know that the DHS has purchased enough rounds of hollow point bullets to kill every US citizen several times apiece.
We know the US Federal Government has instigated the overthrow of 10 democratically elected governments, not including being complicit in the covert overthrow of itself!
We know the Federal Government is waging unpopular and undeclared (therefore unConstitutional) wars overseas.
We know the CIA is fomenting civil unrest and the overthrow of democratically elected Middle East and North African governments.
Seems the US Federal Government is not only not abiding by the Constitution under which it was created, it is a rogue element spreading terrorism and destruction around the globe.
We know the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank, established in violation of the Constitution, ripping off the average Joe for the profit of the International Bankers.
We know that since the global financial crises the Federal Reserve has donated trillions of dollars to international and local banks.
We know a criminal is one because he cannot conceive of an honest way to acquire what he wants.
And we know a criminal cannot conceive of future consequences of his actions.
We know the US Federal Government is bankrupt and still spending more each year. So we conclude it is financially, morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt. Criminal.
This is not an optimum condition to bring about peace and harmony. Yo have the world’s only superpower run by a corrupt, criminal elite.
OK. So what else do we know?
We know that the US States signed the constitution and created the Federal Government with limited powers.
So, being the creators of the Constitution, the US States are senior to the Constitution and the Federal Government.
We know that the US States have the power to nullify federal law in their own state.
We know that there are tenth amendment centers set up in various states that are active in pushing for and getting passed such nullifying legislation.
So what do we do about it?
Well, me sending out lots of posts alerting people to the situation has, until now, made me feel like I am contributing to raising the general level of awareness of the above but I feel we are rapidly reaching the point, if not already passed, where unless we who are aware of the above do something more direct to remedy the situation it will only deteriorate. And a second US civil war is, I think, worth doing something to avert! Don’t you agree?
If we, who know the above, do not throw our weight behind a tenth amendment centre or similar activity, who will?
If you are doing something to directly help correct the above I would like to hear about it and your results so I can share it on my comm lines.
I do NOT think civil war as anticipated by many is anywhere near the optimum solution.
Here is the best I can come up with in terms of a civil, legal uprising that will attain the goal we desire with no loss of life or limb. If you have anything to add I am all ears.
To resolve the situation we need to do at least the following.
1. During the WWII Pacific campaign, General McArthur’s strategy was to “hit them where they are not”. Identify the many places where the enemy are absent or weak and strike multiple telling blows there. They are exceeding their authority and enacting legislation in violation of the Constitution. They cannot effectively fight hundreds of fires at once. They are morally and legally weak. County Sheriffs and State legislatures are where individuals can have a more telling impact than beating their heads against the vested interests of corrupt congressmen and women. Educate your local Sheriff and state representative as to what is going on and encourage them to do what is right for the people they are sworn to protect and serve.
2. They rely on ignorance and compliance from the masses to retain power and support. Remove the base of support of he enemy and increase the support and power of those on our side . Every $ we can legally remove from the revenue statement of those organisation that form the problem and redirect to people who support our desire for freedom, like organic and local farmers, the better.
3. Educate and empower an ever increasing number of people with knowledge, moral fibre and courage and a workable solution that they can confront and implement. Preferably non-violent. John Lennon said it well. They know how to play that game and lay whole countries to waste so don’t play it.
4. Be the best personal example we can be of someone doing what will help get the product we are after with the least destruction. This will encourage and inspire others. Talk to people, educate them, message individuals, recruit them to your chosen cause. Whether it is distributing WTH, helping a snow-bound neighbour teaching an illiterate kid to read, distributing organic produce promoting better eating, visiting or calling your state rep or County Sheriff, joining a tenth Amendment Centre… …whatever activity in which you choose to participate, hustle! The time for action is way past. We have a lot of catching up to do!
This is my understanding from reading and watching a lot.
As far as I know it is accurate. If you can correct me on any points of law with regards to the actions to be taken to redress the situation, please let me know.

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“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ~Ronald Reagan, 40th president of U.S.

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