A Broken Vintage Piano Turned Into a Unique Analog Hybrid of 20 Instruments Connected to the Piano Keys

Repurposed Piano

When the Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes came across a vintage broken piano, they decided to transform it into a unique and completely analog hybrid of 20 different instruments that are each connected and controlled by the piano keys. The band prominently featured this wonderful instrument in the music video for their song “Houston”.

Vaccinate Pregnant Women?

Stephanie Messenger writes…

Let’s be clear – vaccinating pregnant women is not about health. It is about hiding the damage done to babies. If a baby comes out damaged they can say “He/She was born like that, it must be genetic.” Then, the parent does not have any guilt and they also feel helpless and are at the mercy of the medical industry.

The medical industry can start the baby on drugs, doing tests and possibly surgery. This is exactly how they create patients from birth to the grave without resistance.

More $$$$ for the medical cartel.


Great marketing plan!

…and she is correct!~ There have been no safety studies done on vaccinating pregnant women. Research so you don’t regret!

Get Ryan Sternagel’s powerful, 10-page eChecklist, The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home eChecklist, and learn to remove toxins and cancer-proof your home today!

Get Ryan Sternagel’s powerful, 10-page eChecklist, The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home eChecklist, and learn to remove toxins and cancer-proof your home today!

This anti-cancer checklist includes everything Ryan and his family have done to remove toxins and cancer-proof their home. Don’t feel overwhelmed or get frustrated by the number of things you could do; this list is color-coded to help you work through simple changes you can implement today, and those you may need to plan or budget for.

Downloading this checklist will help you take this seriously! Several causes of disease, or aggravators of existing disease, can be removed entirely by working through this one-of-a-kind document.

And remember, everyone starts somewhere — the important thing is getting started!

In the 10 pages of this comprehensive document, Ryan identifies and recommends how to address these important topics:

Air quality
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Light and lighting
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Personal care products
Cleaning products
Cookware and tableware
Food storage

Robert F Kennedy Jr Talks about HPV Vaccination

Robert F Kennedy Jr Talks about HPV Vaccination

If you live in SE Queensland…

This must-watch video details the many problems with the development and safety of Merck’s third-highest grossing product, Gardasil. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD’s Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel, ask that you watch this video so that you, and others, may make an informed decision of whether or not to give your child, boy or girl, a Gardasil vaccine. It can also be a useful tool for paediatricians who are trying to understand how this vaccine, that is actually causing health problems with young people, could have been approved by FDA and then recommended by CDC. The video is full of jaw-dropping facts about Gardasil and the clinical trials leading up to its release upon an unsuspecting public.
Following the film, there will be a live Q & A session where many of your questions about the HPV virus, the Gardasil and the Gardasil 9 vaccine and other issues surrounding this topic can be answered.
Doors open at 6:30 and the film starts promptly at 7:00 PM so please make sure to be on time.
There will be books, videos and t-shirts for sale and dinner will be available for purchase from 5:30 PM if you would like to come early for that purpose.
Brisbane July 5 https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/robert-f-kennedy-jr-talks-about-hpv-vaccination-brisbane-july-5-2019-tickets-63029100737Gold Coast July 6 https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/robert-f-kennedy-jr-talks-about-hpv-vaccination-gold-coast-july-6-2019-tickets-63028933236Sunshine Coast July 7 https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/robert-f-kennedy-jr-talks-about-hpv-vaccination-sunshine-coast-july-7-2019-tickets-63027436760

EMF Health Summit 2019 – FREE

EMF Liabilities

Deitrich Klinghardt is a medical doctor and a PhD.

Very few people can surpass his knowledge of EMFs and health.

He’s been leading the way on this subject for decades.

Today’s he’s the featured guest at the EMF Health Summit. He shares:

His #1 personal shielding solution (and it’s far cheaper to implement than you might think)
The FIRST place you need to start in your home to reduce EMFs drastically
How EMFs can actually affect your mental health, making you feel depressed… (and what you can do to stop it)

You’ll also hear from Professor Olle Johansson.

Prof. Johansson is one of my personal heroes and a lovely man. He shares:

definitive proof of this deadly health problem
practical steps to protect yourself
he evidence you need to convince your loved ones about this serious problem

I’m also interviewing Ty Bollinger creator of the explosive docu-series, The Truth About Cancer.

His session “The Truth About EMFs and Cancer: Practical Steps You Can Take” he… shares some truths many of use are overlooking.

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, reveals the fantastic world of “How Gut Health Can Heal and Protect You From EMFs”.

Leading building biologist Oram Miller shows you how to protect yourself from the next generation of wireless signal technology… “5G is Coming and What YOU Can Do About It NOW.”

Don’t miss today’s sessions.

Click here to get started https://emfhealthsummit.com

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!

Live Your Life Pain Free

Pain Free

I rec eived this in an email today…

I want to share a new free online event that you need to sign up for if you want to overcome chronic pain to live the life you want finally.

The special event is the Live Your Life Pain Free: How to Heal Chronic Physical and Emotional Pain When You’ve Tried Everything Else Interview Series.

This new online series brings 22 of the world’s leading pain relief experts. And, as one of the featured 22 speakers, I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.

(Note: I will be speaking about the mechanisms that link pain with your circadian rhythm and sleep habits. It’s fascinating science, so you’re going to want to make sure to watch it.)


An Ad For A Stem Cell Booster

An Ad For A Stem Cell Booster

Here is a link to an ad for a product that claims to boost your stem cells. If I have a spare quarter of a million I would love to research how effective it is compared to my 41 ingredient formulation. specially knowing how nature is so synergistic with multiple nutrients. It is only available in North America but my Stem Cell Blend is available here: https://www.healthelicious.com.au/NutriBlast-Stem-Cell-Blend.html