Tribute to a Cricket Legend, Shane Warne

Shane Warne

From Mark Playne at Not on the Beeb

Shane Warne, the greatest leg-spinner in the history of cricket and an Australian icon who transcended the sport, has died of a suspected heart attack at the age of 52.

The news was confirmed by Warne’s management company on Friday and released initially to Fox Sports, the network for whom he commentated after a playing career that returned 708 Test wickets from 145 caps between 1992 and 2007.

In September 2021 Warne called on all Australians to get vaccinated to ensure major sporting events can continue to take place. (source:

Shane Warne 24 Sep 2021

“Let’s go and get double-vaxxed everyone, because that means we might not get locked down and we can travel and have a little bit more normality,” he said.

Shane Warne Vaxxed and Covid Infected

4th March 2022

A statement from MPC entertainment to the UK media said: “It is with great sadness we advise that Shane Keith Warne passed away of a suspected heart attack in Koh Samui, Thailand today, Friday 4 March.

“Shane was found unresponsive in his villa and despite the best efforts of medical staff, he could not be revived. The family requests privacy at this time and will provide further details in due course.”

Coming just 24 hours after Australian cricket had lost former wicketkeeper Rod Marsh to a heart attack aged 74, news of Warne’s passing left supporters, former teammates and opponents shocked and numb as tributes flowed on social media. Warne himself had paid tribute to Marsh.

Members of the current Australia team learned of the news while travelling back from day one of the first Test against Pakistan in Rawalpindi. David Warner, the opener, tweeted: “Two legends of our game have left us too soon. I’m lost for words, and this is extremely sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Marsh and Warne family. I just cannot believe it. rip, you will both be missed.”

Viv Richards, the former West Indies captain who like Warne was named one of Wisden’s five cricketers of the 20th century, tweeted: “Unbelievable. I am shocked to the core. This can’t be true. Rest In Peace, @ShaneWarne. There are no words to describe what I feel right now. A huge loss for cricket.”


The news came in as we were finishing and updating our dedicated sports website.

This will be handed to Matt Le Tissier the former soccer international who is trying to get the English Football Association to take heed.

Some of you might be wondering if Shane Warne’s heart attack is connected to his vaccines.

Of course, we don’t know.

However, the circumstantial evidence that vaccines are creating devastation within athletes and sports as a whole is overwhelming as we hope our new website demonstrates by the sheer volume of incidents.

A little history.

On the 4th of November, we helped break the reality of sudden and unexpected collapses and deaths within the very fittest of our population by publishing this article which went viral with nearly 300,000 views.

We started a telegram group to collect new stories and were quickly overwhelmed with the daily influx of new incidents.

We decided to build this website to give faces to the long line of statistics and news articles.

Sudden and unexpected collapses and Death with sports

The main page below is a detailed list of reports that have been uploaded by J and G again – the same team that worked through Christmas and New Year to launch the site. Great work.

The incidents are sorted by date.

Click on each of the images brings up a detailed page with relevant links to track the story.



Putin closing down child trafficking centers in the Ukraine, Pfizer admits their vaccine is useless for the 5-11 year olds and the US governors still have not withdrawn them, Killary even further implicated in crimes re wire tapping President Trump’s home and office, the whole Covid narrative unfolding as the PR merchants claim the “science is changing”, the death and injuries from the shots keeps mounting, embalmers pulling leg-long lengths of foreign material from the arteries of those who died after receiving their jabs, the list goes on and on.

There are more than a few real stories from which the headlines are designed to distract us.

Washington’s Republicans Feast on a Radioactive Meal Provided by Hillary Clinton

Secretary Clinton With Russian Prime Minister Putin

All of the actions of NATO, London, and Washington to date violate the two cardinal principles of warfare in the nuclear age: always listen to your adversary and provide a real way forward within your own plan to win a just peace; never allow yourself to think for one moment that a nuclear conflict can be won without destroying most of civilization. The same principles apply to actions short of nuclear war which pose an existential threat to a nuclear-armed nation.

Clinton’s Crimes: Worse Than We Thought


and now there is a “War” that fake news MSM are happy to play 24/7 so we don’t think about the treachery of Hillary and Deep State cohorts.
Everyone outside the Democratic Media Complex knows that Hillary Clinton conspired with deep state operatives to wire-tap Donald Trump at his home and office before and after he was elected, but new revelations show that the Russigate/dossier/FISAgate scandal wasn’t the worst thing they did by a long shot.
And, Hillary has always lied, always.
She said Didn’t Know About Benghazi….
She didn’t know about Bill’s cheating ways.
She didn’t know about Whitewater.
She didn’t know about Harvey Weinstein…
She didn’t know about Monica.
She didn’t know about sick-pervert Weiner.
She didn’t know about her Emails or how they got Erased….(“Like with a Cloth ?”)…
She didn’t know how her 13 phones got smashed with a hammer…
She didn’t know about looting the White House of $ 200,000 of furnishings….
She didn’t know about File Gate….how the files got in the White House & had her Fingerprints….
She didn’t know about Huma being a Muslim Brotherhood Princess.
She didn’t know about Vince Foster ‘s death.
She didn’t know about Top security insignias. (“What does the C stand for ?”)
She didn’t know about the Fake-Russian-Dossier, except from…..”Bussfeed”
The list goes on & on……. and she’s always been guilty of what she “didn’t know”.

Putin Vows to “Crush” Child Traffickers in Ukraine

Putin Determined

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given himself a new mission in addition to ridding the Ukraine of Western-funded biolabs, said a Mar-a-Lago source privy to a 5th telephone call in as many days between the Russian leader and President Donald J. Trump.

Considering revelations that foreign child traffickers had kidnapped Russian children and transported them to the Ukraine to sell into child slavery, Putin on Sunday told Trump that he intends to isolate and destroy child slavery covens on Ukrainian soil.

According to Putin, the Russian Children’s Welfare Society interviewed 6 Russian children, ages 12-16, who were among the 100 multinational kids freed by Spetznas in central Ukraine Friday afternoon. They shared similar, harrowing stories. Three were abducted from their homes, at night, near the border city of Belgorod, which sits 10 miles inside the Ukrainian border. Their abductors captured them as parents worked or slept; rural southwest Russia is rife with destitution, and parents, unable to afford babysitters, often entrust God to care for their children whilst they hammer out a meager living. The remaining 3 said they’d been abducted at shopping centers, when momentarily separated from parents or guardians.

Real Raw News has not received information on circumstances surrounding other abductions.

Four of the six had endured captivity for one or two weeks, but two children had difficulty estimating their time in bondage; prolonged confinement in a dark, windowless cell had skewed their perception of time and space. One guessed “six-to-eight weeks.” And of the six, three said their jailors had shuttled them to their point of rescue from other internment camps that held “many, many, many more children.”

“Putin told Trump that, at least to the kids’ account, the traffickers all spoke fluent Ukrainian but only sparse or broken Russian, and some Armenian. They wore ski masks, so the kids never saw the faces. The total number of children there was 100, 76 Russian, 9 French, 1 Swiss, 5 American, 6 Ukrainian, not sure of others. Apparently, the Ukrainian children translated for the rest,” our source said.

Putin, our source added, said 46 are being medically treated for a broad spectrum of maladies: Malnourishment, lacerations, puncture wounds, dysentery, dehydration, respiratory infections, STDs, and sexual abuse. A 13-year-old girl had been violently sodomized.

“I will find who did this and crush them, all of them,” Putin reportedly told Trump.

“Putin claims he wants to repatriate all the kids, but since European countries have closed airspace to Russian flights, and no one will talk to him, he’s stuck in a barrel. Trump will bring our children home,” our source said.

In other news, Putin also said the Russian military had destroyed four 18-wheelers that “Western terrorists” had converted into roving bioweapon laboratories. Moreover, he said fantastical stories about him appearing in Western media were a product of CIA invention, citing specifically a NY Post article claiming paranoia and pandemic-induced isolation had driven him mad.

As always, RRN is merely reporting what Putin told Trump; we do not know whether his words are true, partly true, or propaganda.

Nathaniel Rothschild Letter

Nathaniel Rothschild Letter

Translation: Putler is destroying the Global World Order, based on usury and debt, which has allowed my family to become the richest family in the world.