Stop the prosecution of ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle

Stop the prosecution of ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle

Please sign the petition to help this guy who stood up to unconscionable practices in the ATO. People who do the right thing despite the very real risk of persection deserve our help and support.

To help him just takes a click for us.

For him it could save him from spending the rest of his life in prison.

A small, digital price for us to pay to secure a very real freedom for him. A freedom we should not have to defend from the tyrannical police state we live in.

US mining sites unleash 50 million gallons of toxic water into lakes and streams every day

US mining sites unleash 50 million gallons of toxic water into lakes and streams every day

Neither communism and capitalism are our best solutions going forward. The current system is not working to benefit the common man. Here’s more evidence.

A new Associated Press report has blown the lid off the mining industry’s toxic effect across the United States, revealing that over tens of millions of gallons of contaminated water tainted by arsenic, lead and other dangerous metals are flowing into lakes, streams and other drinking water sources on a daily basis.

The report reveals the horrific cost the public has been forced to bear for private corporations’ pursuit of raw material wealth, specifically in terms of the cost of the disposal of toxic waste – a responsibility that has been ignored by wide swathes of the mining industry. The mining industry has instead allowed such toxins and contamination to flow unimpeded into precious water sources in states like California, Colorado, Montana and Oklahoma.

Companies that mined for gold, silver, lead and other minerals were given free license to strip the earth in search of these raw materials. Once the mining projects failed to yield further profits, the companies were allowed to relocate to previously unutilized areas with no regard for the toxic waste they left behind.

In effect, these companies were externalizing the costs of mining to taxpayers — who unknowingly footed the bill for the clean-up – or to future generations who are now forced to suffer the health consequences and ecological damage resulting from the unwillingness of companies to pay for the cost of toxic disposal and the detoxification of former sites.

The AP investigation entailed looking at public data and research on 43 mining sites under federal oversight, including complexes that included anywhere from dozens to hundreds of mines.

On average, over 50 million gallons (189 million liters) of contaminated wastewater has been flowing from the sites on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, the untreated wastewater trickles or flows into nearby ponds, rivers, soil and groundwater, comprising about 20-million gallons (76 million liters) of polluted water that could fill over 2,000 tanker trucks, according to the report.

The remaining water which is actually treated comes at a great cost to taxpayers, who will likely be forced to capture the waste or treat polluted streams for thousands of years, if not indefinitely, long after the mining firms have profited from ruining the environment.

In many cases, the pollution has persisted despite these sites being listed as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund cleanup sites – among the country’s most hazardous, which have been frequently linked to cancer, birth defects, and rare, deadly diseases.

George Carlin – The Fear of Germs

George Carlin - The Fear of Germs

This guy takes it even further than I do! Hopefully it’s for the humour value!

But seriously, you have 10,000 different types of germs right now. Why don’t they all make you sick? Because your immune system is doing what it is designed to do!

And if you’ve been keeping up with my posts you will have read recently that unless a baby has an infection before they are one, their immune system does not develop the way it should!

The Technical Reason Why Unvaccinated Children Have Stronger Immune Systems


From a certified medical laboratory scientist.

The statement “un-vaccinated children have a stronger immune system than vaccinated children” is supported by science. A paper published in the New York Academy of Sciences in 1995 explains why. This was one of the first papers I read that opened my eyes to the ineffectiveness of the current vaccination policy.

I have stated many times that antibody response is only half the story when it comes to immunity. Antibodies are not the only mechanism for eliminating pathogens from the body. Other mechanisms at work are cytokines (chemicals that attract white blood cells to attack the pathogen), complement (a macromolecule that literally drills holes into the shell of the pathogen turning it into Swiss cheese), and T-cells.

The mechanism of how the body responds to a natural infection and develops lifelong immunity afterward is by the creation of a special type of T-cell called a T-helper cell (Type1). Th1 cells release specific cytokines that activate Natural Killer Cells. The Natural Killer Cells are the most effective method for eliminating intra-cellular pathogens like viruses.

This paper identifies the pitfall of the current vaccination policy that by attempting to “fool” the immune system into thinking there is an invading pathogen (when the pathogen is actually either dead or inactivated), the vaccine creates a different type of T-cell called a T-helper cell (Type 2). Th2 cells are effective at eliminating extra-cellular pathogens. They release different cytokines that primarily focus on the creation of antibodies.

Are antibodies capable of eliminating pathogens? Yes. Are they the MOST EFFECTIVE at taking on an intra-cellular pathogen like a virus? Absolutely NOT!!! In fact, the flu virus actually has been shown to have developed a mechanism by which it can target Th2 cells and destroy them. And you wonder why the flu shot is worthless? That’s why!

An antibody titer following a vaccination is going to be high because all you have done by giving the vaccine is created antibodies. But antibodies are the scrawny little pipsqueek in the immune system family compared to the Natural Killer Cells which are more like Rambo or Arnold Schwartzenegger!

A policy of vaccination (instead of natural exposure) will actually switch the body’s innate sense to create Th1 cells when exposed to an intra-cellular pathogen like a virus and instead it will produce Th2 cells even when exposed to the wild type virus. Hence, a child who has been fully vaccinated has a “weaker” immune system compared to a child who has never been vaccinated because the latter will produce Th1 cells (that will activate Natural Killer cells) and the former will produce Th2 cells (which will produce antibodies).

It also makes it more understandable why a child who has been fully vaccinated against a viral infection like measles can still develop measles when they are exposed to the wild type virus.

Housing Bubble

And this just in:

An Australian housing and economic bust is reality—time to act

Australia’s housing market is tanking fast and the economy is facing an Ireland-style economic bust. We must act, now, to avert a social catastrophe and restructure the financial system to fix the cause of this crisis.

Australia’s big four banks account for 80 per cent of the financial system, and mortgage lending is around 65 per cent of their business. This concentration on housing is the highest by far of any banks in the world. Thanks to decades of deindustrialisation, financial services is the biggest sector of the economy, and, thanks to the housing bubble, construction is second. A crash in housing is economic Armageddon.

The fall in house prices that started in late 2017 continued all through 2018, and has now accelerated in 2019, with the biggest falls in the biggest markets of Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne is experiencing the fastest falls ever recorded. The real estate sector is desperately trying to talk up the market by wheeling out improved auction clearance rates and highlighting one-off large sales, but the auction figures are distorted by very large numbers of auctions that are not being reported, and real estate reporters have been caught out faking claims.

The downturn is being blamed on bank lending, but that is only half the story. The real issue is the borrowers, the Australian people, who are saturated in debt.

Banking and real estate analyst Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics, and economist John Adams, have recently posted important video presentations on YouTube which expose the reality of where Australia is at, and how bad it can get based on the Ireland precedent.

In “Just How Much Trouble Are We In?”, North reports the latest Bank for International Settlements (BIS) statistics on household debt. Australia’s household debt-to-GDP is now 120 per cent, higher than all equivalent nations and second only to Switzerland, and far higher than the USA, UK, and Ireland were in 2008 when they all experienced devastating housing bubble crashes. Australia’s household debt service ratio is also the second highest in the world, which is a measure of the mortgage stress being experienced by over a million households which are struggling to meet their repayments, despite record low interest rates.

We know from the banking royal commission last year, and the work of Denise Brailey of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association, and Lindsay David and Philip Soos of LF Economics, that the only way the banks were able to push the market up over the last decade was by ignoring household debt and committing outright fraud in their mortgage lending, based on grossly understated living expenses. It would seem they can’t do that now. As prices are still not back to affordable levels, though, where are the buyers going to come from to stop the price falls?

Economist John Adams tweeted the news on 7 March that the giant American bank JP Morgan last week flew its top housing experts in to Melbourne for a conference, and is telling its clients to get out of Australian real estate. This is ominous, as a 2017 report by the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, “Indispensable economic partners: the US-Australia investment relationship”, revealed that the United States has been the “overwhelming” source of the funding for the Big Four banks.

The fall in house prices, combined with the fall in the number of house sales, is hitting the stamp duty revenue of state governments. Stamp duty revenue almost doubled in the four years to 2018, such was the frenzy of buying in the housing bubble, providing a windfall to state governments. That’s now over. On current trends, Victoria could suffer a $1 billion hit to its budget this year, and NSW will also take a big hit.

Out of options?

The last time house prices were falling like this, back in 2008, prices were lower than now, and interest rates were far higher—the Reserve Bank’s cash rate was 7.25 per cent. In response to the falls, which threatened a banking crash, the RBA slashed its cash rate from 7.25 per cent to 3 per cent within a few months, which averted mass foreclosures and, combined with the Rudd government’s tripling of the First Home Owner Grant, drew a lot more people into the market. But that means that to save the market they created a lot more household debt, and effectively only “kicked the can” of a crash down the road. The can has now stopped, but this time the RBA rate is 1.5 per cent, so it doesn’t have the option of cutting rates by 425 basis points to save the bubble.

Another Martin North video, “A First Hand View from Ireland”, is a confronting account of the Irish housing bubble and banking crash in 2008. Financial commentator Eddie Hobbs relates the disturbing similarities between Ireland and Australia, which many expatriate Irish who migrated to Australia as economic refugees after 2008 are starting to see here. In a third video, “The Document that will Shock You”, Martin North and John Adams reveal that in 2007 the IMF had stress-tested Ireland’s banks for steep falls in house prices and large withdrawals of deposits, and announced they would survive both. Ireland eventually suffered house price falls of 50 to 70 per cent, and a massive exodus of bank deposits, and its banks collapsed, plunging Ireland into deep economic and social misery. Indebted Irish homeowners suffered through a hellish bankruptcy process, and the nation witnessed a spike in suicides.

Act now!

Australia’s government, financial authorities and banks are right now desperate to prop up the bubble again, but that would be insane, if it would even work. It’s time to acknowledge it’s a bubble and let it burst, but implement measures to protect the economy. The CEC is fighting to:

restructure the banking system to protect the public and stop such bubbles recurring, through a Glass-Steagall separation of banking from speculation, and a national bank to regulate banking and credit;
avert a social catastrophe with an immediate moratorium on home and farm foreclosures (not investment properties) to stop families being thrown out on the streets;
launch an infrastructure development program to create jobs and restructure the economy and employment back on to a productive footing. 

Join the CEC’s fight!

What you can do

Get involved in the fight, starting with the immediate campaign for a Glass-Steagall banking separation. The CEC drafted legislation that Pauline Hanson introduced in Parliament on 12 February, the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019, into which the Senate Economics Legislation Committee is now conducting an inquiry. Make a submission to that inquiry in support of banking separation today.

Click here for instructions on making a submission.