The amino acid taurine is found in animal foods such as seafood, grass-fed red meat, dairy products, pastured eggs, and poultry.

Of the amino acids, it’s the most abundant source of sulfur, and is required for many biological processes, including the healthy function of your immune system, nervous system, metabolism, and digestion.

Taurine is important for brain and heart health, muscle function, bile salt formation and antioxidant defenses. It also helps rebuild damaged collagen fibers and can help ease anxiety.

According to recent research, taurine may also play an important role in longevity and healthy aging. In mice, the median lifespan increased by 10% to 12%. Life expectancy at 28 months was raised by 18% to 25%.

Taurine improved strength, coordination and endurance, bone mass and bone quality, glucose homeostasis and glucose tolerance, age-related inflammation, immune function, gut health, memory, mitochondrial function and the function of all organs.


Vaccines to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease? Virgin Coconut Oil Already Heals Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer's - Drugs vs Coconut Oil

Brian Shilhavy writes:

Big Pharma has been attempting to cash in on the huge number of older Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other forms of dementia for decades now, but the number of older Americans suffering from dementia just continues to increase. That’s because AD is a form of diabetes, often referred to as “Type 3” diabetes, and is largely caused by older Americans taking too many drugs, prescription pharmaceutical drugs.

The latest news to increase American senior’s addiction to prescription drugs is a “vaccine” that is being developed to inject into seniors who have AD.

Well for those who bow the knee to worship Big Pharma, I suppose there will be a market for this kind of insanity for those who believe that health can come from being injected with chemicals through a needle.

The sad thing about dementia and AD is that thousands of people have already seen great success by using Virgin Coconut Oil, especially in conjunction with a ketogenic type of diet, including seeing a total reversal of AD. I have been documenting this and publishing testimonials from those who have reversed AD for almost 2 decades now. The research and testimonials are all published on our CoconutOil.com website.

If you are in charge of caring for someone who suffers from AD or other forms of dementia, please take time to research this censored, life-saving information that could dramatically change your life and the lives of those you care for who may be suffering needlessly as victims of Big Pharma.

I have published an eBook that talks about Virgin Coconut Oil and AD, and I am offering it to the public for free in my Healthy Traditions store.


‘No Way Out’ – This Week Saw The End Of The Pretense That Joe Biden Is A Re-Election Candidate

Podcaster Scott Adams spun out an elegantly macabre possible scenario:
The House moves to impeach…
Joe Biden retaliates by threatening the entire Deep State Blob with revealing a whole lot of dark info on their dastardly secrets, their sexual proclivities and adventures (think: the Epstein client list), and other incriminating deets-and-receipts that would, theoretically, bring ruin to scores of political celebrities.
In which case, the Blob just up and offs dumb-ass “Joe Biden,” using their cunning ways of arranging for him to die in his sleep…
…because, he was old… and it was his time…

Crazy but True: Congress Just Renewed Emergency Powers That Allow Biological Weapons Attacks on U.S. Citizens

BioWeapon Lab

“In a massive show of support for limitless executive power, Congress rejected legislation that would have terminated national emergency powers allowing Washington to wage war across the Middle East.

These same emergency powers give the president the power to lift bans on testing biological weapons on US citizens.

Led by Representative Paul Gosar, a handful of Republican members of Congress launched a protest against 41 nominal “national emergency” declarations, many of which are decades old.

Rep. Gosar has argued the National Emergencies Act is “tyrannical,” granting 148 separate powers to the executive branch.

This July 18, the House voted down five resolutions to terminate national emergency powers which date back as far as 2003. The countries affected by the five resolutions include Congo, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Each vote saw a coalition of pro-war Democrats and Republicans join together in overwhelming numbers to protect the executive branch’s emergency authorities.”


British PM found to have personally invested $500 million into Moderna through a tax haven in the Caymen Islands.


British PM and #WEF2030Agenda devotee #Sunak invested $500 million of his private funds into Moderna through a company called Thelema Partners in a notorious tax haven in the Caymen Islands. Afterwards he stated in parliament that the vaccine was “safe and effective” while then going on to roll out further permissions for Moderna to set up further vaccine producing interests within the UK.