It’s Official! Kids Who Grow Up With Pets Make More Sensitive, Sympathetic, Successful Adults

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(Tom: Beware the false data. IQ is most definitely NOT fixed. It is able to be improved. Twice I have done a detox to remore medical drug remnants, food preservatives, pollutants out of my body. Both times I did a before and after IQ test and both times my IQ went up 5 points asa result of the detox!)

For those of us who’ve had our lives enriched with new additions to our families—be they our children or new animal companions—it should come as no surprise that the benefits are myriad.

And for parents, while it may seem like too much work to bring a pet into the family—be it a cat, dog, guinea pig, or fish—the long-term gains of such a decision can far outweigh the costs.

In fact, studies have shown that children who grow up with pets often enjoy a major boost in terms of Emotional Intelligence or EQ, which can lead to better academic success not to mention an enhanced sense of responsibility, empathy, and a knowledge of the cycle of life that can equip children with a huge leg-up in life skills. As the Washington Post writes, “more than intelligence, EQ is the best indicator of a child’s likely success in school.”

And while children’s Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, is believed by experts to be unchangeable, one’s EQ can improve with practice. For children, having an animal friend can provide a great head-start to developing their EQ—which, in turn, can pay dividends in terms of our kids enjoying a greater quality of life further down the road.

John Cleese’s War on Wokeism

Don't Censor Me

The Monty Python legend says political correctness is ruining creativity in all aspects of human activity.

From shows and movies ranging from Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers to Life of Brian and A Fish Called Wanda, the comedian John Cleese has uproariously and relentlessly satirized politics and religion while stretching the boundaries of decorum and good taste like so many silly walks.

Now 82, Cleese—who studied law at Cambridge—has recently set his sights on political correctness and wokeism, which he says are the enemy not only of humor but of creative thinking in all areas of human activity.

Heavyweight Champ?

Heavyweight Champ?

Psychiatry would just shade big pharma as behind EVERY bad condition, not just the drug related ones, will be found a psychiatrist. Hitler’s hatred of the Jews? A psychiatrist was behind that. Kosovo? Another psyche. Nearly every mass shooter in the USA? Yes. A psychiatrist. And psychotropics.

Here’s one element of why:

In 1947 the then president of the World Federation of Mental Health, Brock Chisholm, said, “The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all Psychotherapy.”

Chisholm further stated that if they were to be successful they needed to infiltrate the professions to introduce their ideas (more correctly called “insanities”) there.

This year is the 75th anniversary of his speech. Looking around at the average intelligence level, morality, ethics and consequent problems with crime, drugs, sexual perversions etc. I’d say the psychiatrists were remarkably successful!

If we as parents and teachers do not instill in our children respect for one another, tolerance for differences, that there is right and wrong, the difference between right and wrong, that actions have consequences and that regardless of what has happened in the past one has the ultimate responsibility for the actions one takes in the present, then we are, by our neglect, cocreating a society where psychiatry’s evil intentions are widely manifest, as is happening at present.