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Verizon Retaliates against City’s Board of Health for Issuing Emergency Order to Turn Off Cell Tower That’s Making Residents Sick

Verizon Advises Risk

In August 2021, a federal court ruled in favor of organizations and petitioners that sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for NOT adequately protecting Americans from wireless radiation exposure from cell towers and other sources.  Despite the ruling, the FCC as well as other government and state agencies and committees continue to promote and fund the deployment and densification of both 5G and 4G cell towers and other infrastructure.  Not good, right?

Residents of Pittsfield, Massachusetts have been reporting significant as well as life-threatening health issues ever since a Verizon 4G cell tower was activated near their homes.  In October 2021, the Board of Health asked Verizon to remove the tower but the company refused.  In February, the BOH voted unanimously to issue the company a “Cease and Desist” Order.  Between February and April, several health experts provided supporting testimony to validate residents’ complaints and to ask the state to better protect residents.  City council members also asked state lawmakers to introduce legislation to better protect residents.  On April 6, the BOH voted to send the order to the company.   Now Verizon has taken legal action against the city.

41.5K people died within 21 days of ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccination in England & a further 291K died within 6 months

UK Jab Deaths 20220514

Data published by the Office for National Statistics reveals that 41,449 people sadly died within 21 days of receiving a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in England between 1st January 2021 and 31st January 2022, and a further 290,915 people sadly lost their lives within 21 days to 6 months of being vaccinated.

6 Artificial Sweeteners Toxic to Gut Bacteria

Excessive consumption of sugar isn’t healthful. But the natural, unrefined form of sugar found in whole foods isn’t a big problem, since our bodies are built to handle this.

Artificial sweeteners ARE a problem. These chemicals are specifically designed to be UN-natural, so that our bodies CANNOT process them and so cannot convert them into fat.

The six most common, FDA-approved artificial sweeteners include aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, advantame and acesulfame potassium. They’re found in so many foods and beverages that many people are unaware when they’re consuming them. The key question is, are these sweeteners actually, truly safe?

Research teams from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore investigated the six artificial sweeteners for toxicity. They added small amounts of each sweetener to samples of common gut bacteria which had been treated so they would glow if exposed to toxins. Researchers discovered that each of the six artificial sweeteners produced toxic signs in the bacteria!

Healthy, non-toxic gut bacteria are essential for good health. Poisoning such bacteria would be a recipe for ill-health. The very reason people might consume artificial sweeteners would be to protect their health, not damage it. Yet these chemical sweeteners remain on the market, promoted heavily as ‘safe’ alternatives to sugar.

The lesson here is a common one: Take nothing for granted. Don’t blindly accept the assurances of big business or even government regulators when it comes to chemical additives in foods. Do your own research, be pro-active. In almost every case, Mother Nature produces superior products compared to laboratory formulas. Just use common sense when consuming any food or drink. Moderation, not extremes, can maintain your health and extend your life.