US Military Bases

This is what Stanislav has to say to people in Western countries. This young man lived 15 years in Canada and the United States and 3 years in Europe before returning to Russia. He has seen both sides of the story, which is not the case for probably 95% of the people living in Canada and Europe.

Basically he lists all the conflicts in the world where no one in the West was offended because the media gave the image of military operations for justice and democracy. Now that the media condemns Russia’s military operation and does not tell the real reasons of the conflict, many people are disgusted with what Putin is doing in Ukraine.


Board Member of Large German Health Insurance Company Sounds the Alarm: Side Effects of COVID Vaccines Much Higher Than Official Reports

VAERS Stats 20220211

For the first time, the figures from a large German health insurance association are available on the side effects of Covid vaccines. The board of directors of BKK ProVita, Andreas Schöfbeck, had the data of millions of insured persons of the BKK group analyzed. The total number of side effects is therefore many times higher than those reported by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). In a video call with WELT, Schöfbeck said on Wednesday: “The numbers determined are significant and urgently need to be checked for plausibility.”


On the Great Green Wall, And Being Useful

The Great Green Wall

As I argue at length in my book Climate: A New Story, the environmental movement as a whole seriously misapprehends the nature of the present ecological crisis. The biggest threat is not CO2-induced warming—that is merely the most convenient threat, the one that facilitates technocratic and financialized solutions. The biggest threat is the reduction and destruction of ecosystems: soil, oceans forests, wetlands, and so on, at all scales. Overfishing, deforestation, mining, tree farms, industrial agriculture, toxic pollution, draining wetlands, coastal development, urbanization, and electromagnetic pollution degrade the living organs of our living Earth, rendering her unable to maintain balance.


Anti-Aging – EGCG, Quercetin and Fisetin

(Tom: I read an interesting email pitch for an anti-aging supplement, clicked through to the insufferably tedious video sales pitch but came away with some good information about nutrients that help slow the aging process. Of course most of them are in my top bars and powders but you might like to read the following.)

Who wouldn’t want to stop the clocks in our bodies from speeding up and causing all kinds of health issues as the years go by? Or at least slow that process down a bit so we can enjoy more time with our loved ones. According to promising new research, that hope might not be as far fetched as you think.

Fisetin, a flavonoid found in several fruits and vegetables, has previously been recommended for Alzheimer’s patients to maintain healthy brain function. A study from 2014 reported that the addition of fisetin resulted in anti-inflammatory effects that help keep synapses in the brain firing as they should. Now, scientists from the University of Minnesota Medical School claim there are also anti-aging benefits in fisetin for all of us, not just Alzheimer or dementia patients.

In a press release published on October 2, 2018, the researchers explain that as we get older, we accumulate damaged cells that set off inflammatory alarm bells inside us. Unfortunately, our bodies are not as great at cleaning up those cells when we get older, which is what causes so many of the issues that come with aging.

However, the release goes on to say that their results suggest fisetin is able to extend our health — even when applied toward the end of life, ultimately helping us live longer, happier lives. Studies will continue to test these results for the best treatment options and supplements, but you can give your cells a boost by adding more fisetin-rich foods to your daily meals. Luckily, there are a ton of delicious options for you to choose from: Strawberries have the highest amount of naturally occurring fisetin, but you can also add more mangoes, cucumbers (with the skin), apples, kiwi, peaches, grapes, tomatoes, and onions to your diet for some extra fisetin. Eating your way to a longer life is definitely news we can all get behind!

You Can Eat Your Way to a Longer Life With Fisetin-Rich Foods, According to New Research

Researchers in a 2018 study identified 30 nutrients that help sustain longevity. They claim the key superstars are: Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and selenium.

From: http://www.pnas.org/content/115/43/10836

(Tom: As well as the above, Quercetin and EGCG (from green tea) are also strong players in promoting autophagy. As are intermittent fasting and HIT (High Intensity Training).)