22-year-old woman may have contracted HIV during a manicure

Manicure Tools

A 22-year-old Brazilian woman may have been infected with HIV after sharing manicure instruments with a cousin about a decade ago, according to a new study.

The woman discovered she was HIV-positive after getting tested to donate blood, according to FOX News.

She said she had not had unprotected sex or shared needles, behaviors that are often risk factors for HIV transmission, according to a report in the November edition of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

She did, however, share manicure equipment with a cousin, who was later found to be HIV-positive.


13 Cases of Mumps at Ridley High School

13 Cases of Mumps at Ridley High School

Susan writes: Merck is currently in a lawsuit for falsifying data for the MMR. A few months ago, an entire navy ship caught mumps. All aboard were fully vaccinated & up to date. Now, an outbreak of Mumps occurs in a school with “very high” vaccination rates.

An interesting point to recognize in the article; “some recent studies indicate the prevailing virus has drifted from what’s in the vaccine.” — AKA: the virus has MUTATED.

Section 13.1 of vaccines inserts states vaccines have not been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, Or for impairment of fertility. These are 3 crucial aspects of vaccines that have not been studied.

Why are doctors, scientist and politicians- who push for vaccines- satisfied with not knowing if vaccines cause cancer, infertility and mutagenesis?? Especially when these 3 issues have skyrocketed in the last few decades (right alongside the ever increasing vaccine schedule). Do people honestly think this is just “coincidence”


Shipwreck Tower

Shipwreck Tower

Not sure we’d want to live in a building that resembles a shipwreck, but that is exactly what is proposed for a mixed-purpose tower on the outskirts of Prague.

The building has been designed by architects Black n’ Arch and sculptor Cerný to serve as a stark reminder of climate change – imagining a future where a shipwreck has collided with a building during an apocalypse caused by storms and rising sea levels.

High Court Chief Justice Susan Kiefel gives Capilano Honey the green light to poison the Australian public

Shane Dowling writes:
The High Court of Australia, on Thursday the 10/10/19, dismissed my applications to have 3 of Kerry Stokes’ frivolous and vexatious SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation a civil lawsuit brought as an intimidation measure against an activist) lawsuits against me transferred from the Supreme Court of NSW to the High Court. In doing so the High Court of Australia and its judges, under the leadership of Chief Justice Susan Kiefel, have exposed themselves for their involvement in judicial corruption as the below judgment shows as it has no details and it does nothing more than scandalize the court.

From a legal viewpoint, the High Court’s decision was a loss for me but from a journalistic viewpoint it was a big win as this website has a focus on judicial corruption and now I have further direct evidence of how corruption works in the High Court. They dismiss cases without ever publishing any details of what the case was about or give any relevant details at all, except the party names, which is a clear hatchet job and a breach of common law which says judges have to give detailed reasons for their judgments.