Five Billion Reasons

Five Billion Reasons

Think about this. Do you think you are liable to get unbiased reporting on pHarma associated topics from the media with this much financial interest at stake?

Not on your sweet bippy!

The Precautionary Principle

(I received this newsletter from the good folk at GMOs Revealed. I don’t know if the free soap offer applies outside the USA but I thought the newsletter worth sharing for the Precautionary Principle alone.)

Hi Tom,

In the wake of the Dewayne Johnson case, where it was found that his cancer was caused by glyphosate – the key ingredient in Roundup weed killer, we’ve been hearing a certain story over and over again.

The story goes like this:

A citizen begs their local government and/or school district to stop using Roundup in public areas and on school grounds, citing research and the fact that the World Health Organization classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” way back in 2015…

The citizen’s pleas fall on deaf ears, and use of the toxic weed killer continues.

Dewayne Johnson wins his case… and suddenly these same schools and government entities are discontinuing their use of Roundup, or at least reviewing their practices.

While it’s good that they’re taking action now, in some cases it’s only after years of requests from people in the community… Many are voicing complaints that these belated choices are being made in the spirit of risk management, rather than actual concern for citizens.

And it begs the question: What will they replace the glyphosate with??

Some think it will just be replaced with something even worse that hasn’t had a court case against it… …yet.

But a handful of school districts, mostly spurred by grass roots campaigns led by parents, may be on the right track.

They’ve adopted something called the “precautionary principle.”

The idea is that products that have not been proven to be safe for humans shouldn’t be used around humans… simple enough, right?

After all, medications go through rigorous testing to prove that they’re safe before being released to the public… In fact, these regulations go so far as to deny terminally ill patients access to potentially life-saving medications until they’ve been approved.

And yet they doused the grass where children play with a questionable chemical just because it hadn’t yet been proven harmful…often continuing to do so even now that it has.

Margaret Reeves, a senior scientist at the Pesticide Action Network of America puts it like this:

“If there was a horrible pest about to destroy a farmer’s whole crop, and this was the only tool available to stop it, that would be one thing — but here, the threat is, what? Weeds? How do you weigh that against the human health risk? They’re applying a carcinogenic chemical out of cosmetic concerns.”

As Bayer faces an estimated 11,200 more lawsuits and Roundup continues to be in the news, this is the perfect time to spread the movement to get these toxins out of our everyday lives…

Contact your school board, your local government, and even private entities to ask them to stop using Roundup and adopt the precautionary principle.

The movement can start with you.


The GMOs Revealed Team

P.S. The precautionary principle belongs in our homes as well.

You already know that you need to check the labels on what you eat, but there’s something else in your home that is often loaded with toxins…

I’ll give you a hint, it’s absorbing into your skin all day, every day.

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