Who is Happy? The Peacock and The Crow

I read this little story on Facebook and wrote this comment. Read the story first then my comment. Hope you get soemthing from one of them!

While this is true, progress comes from constructive impatience with the way things are compared to how they could/should be.

Personal growth comes from closing the gap between where we are and our full potential.

No great person (by that I mean a person of great accomplishment) was ever satisfied to rest on their laurels.

Major changes for the better in society will only occur when we as individuals step up to the challenge of making them happen. Each day your actions, large and small, send out ripples in our mutual pond. Make your ripples count for the better!

Ignore your looks, they matter but little. It’s who you are that matters more. Look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s life as an example of that! (https://www.thoughtco.com/eleanor-roosevelt-1779802) Only yesterday I was reading a story of how much she was invalidated in her youth yet she was able to get the Universal Declaration of Huma Rights enacted. What a great accomplishment!

Currently solutions are being conceived and implemented for many of the things that are wrong with society. If you are not happy with some aspect of your personality, your actions or your results, create or forward a purpose in which you believe and this will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself and others!

To a happier you!

Who is Happy? The Peacock and The Crow

This Week In Parliament

I signed a petition to members of parliament a while ago. Since then I have been on Labor’s email newsletter list. Today I received an email detailing the week’s activities in parliament from their perspective. So I responded.

Tony, thanks for your email documenting what you consider to be the highlights of this week in Parliament from Labor’s perspective.

But I fear you have completely missed the boat on two of the most treasonous acts ever to be waged on the Australian people by those the elected in trust to do right by their constituents rather than their corporate sponsors.

The first was the passing of the TPP with the provisions intact that corporations can sue our government in court. Not just any court of peers as specified in Magna Carta, but one not of peers of the realm. This has the potential of exposing we the public, via our government, to billions of dollars of damages awarded to companies against whom the government legislation was perceived as impacting negatively on their profits. Never mind the benefit of the legislation to the people or the harm of the company’s activities! Hang your head in shame both Liberal and Labor for that one!

The second act of treason was the failure to enact legislation to break up the banks and separate their deposit taking activities from their risky investment activities, exposed as they are to trillions of dollars worth of derivatives bubble. This puts at risk the savings of every bank depositor, large and small, corporate and private, of having those savings “appropriated” via a “bail-in” measure. Hang your heads in shame again, both Labor and Liberal!

Why a vitamin D test Is more important than a mammogram


October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S. National Mammography Day is October 19. Vitamin D optimization could potentially eliminate a vast majority of breast cancers, yet this key information is completely ignored by conventional breast cancer awareness campaigns

Most cancers occur in people with a vitamin D blood level between 10 and 40 ng/mL, and the optimal level for cancer protection has been identified as being between 60 and 80 ng/mL

Research shows having a vitamin D blood level above 60 ng/mL lowers your risk of breast cancer by more than 80 percent, compared to having a level below 20 ng/mL

Recent research shows postmenopausal women who receive a diagnosis of breast cancer are more likely to have low vitamin D and be overweight than women who receive a negative diagnosis

This year, do your breast health a real favor and get your vitamin D level checked. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of doing this is to enroll in the D*Action Breast Cancer Prevention project, which now includes both vitamin D and omega-3 testing


Nurse’s Aide Awarded $11.6 Million for Being Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine


The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania is now reporting that one nurse’s aide has been awarded $11.6 million for being paralyzed with GBS after receiving a flu shot. This is newsworthy, because pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued in civil court for damages due to vaccines. Congress gave them total immunity to such lawsuits in 1986 and that law was upheld by the pro-Pharma Supreme Court in 2011. Sales of vaccines include a tax that is paid to fund a special court where government attorneys fight for the U.S. government to prevent paying out damages due to vaccines. It is a long and difficult process, so settled cases represent only a tiny fraction of the amount of vaccine damaged people in our society.


New Breakfast Muesli


I have varied my breakfast. Currently I am eating a breakfast that is 2 cm of Muesli in the bottom of the bowl with some macadamia nut milk, two spoons of soaked chia seeds, a heaped dessert spoon of ground flax seeds, some frozen berries, a diced kiwifruit and a passionfruit with some coconut yogurt.

I have been trying the store bought mueslis and came across a gluten-free one that is pretty good but it still has added sugars. 32% total content, in fact. And, as you probably already know, cancer thrives on sugar. So I am keen on keeping mine to a low on my regular diet. (There are enough birthdays around to make special occasions fairly frequent!)

So I thought, “Why don’t I make my own!” So, I did!

I bought in some puffed buckwheat, quinoa and sorghum and some amaranth flakes to lighten up what would have otherwise been some pretty heavy going bird seed, added 5 seeds, 4 nuts, 9 different dried fruits, some yeast flakes, shredded coconut and cinnamon. No added sugar at all, in any of its forms!

For the full nutrition information panel head on over to www.healthelicious.com.au/Muesli.html

Eating Early Dinner Aids Weight Loss and Lowers Cancer Risk


Eating your main meal at 2 p.m., and skipping an evening meal altogether and fasting until the next morning, combats weight gain by reducing hunger, increasing fat burning and improving metabolic flexibility to burn both fat and carbs

People who eat dinner (evening meal) at least two hours before bedtime have a 20 percent reduction in cancer risk for breast and prostate cancer combined

Men and women who eat dinner two or more hours before bedtime have a 26 percent and 16 percent lower risk of prostate and breast cancer respectively than those who eat dinner closer to bedtime

“Morning people” who have a natural affinity for getting up early in the morning are at particularly high risk for cancer when eating dinner too close to bedtime, compared to “night owls”

Avoiding food at least two or three hours before bedtime will help you optimize your mitochondrial function, which is key for optimal health and chronic disease prevention