30 Studies Proving Vaccines Cause Autism

30 Studies Proving Vaccines Cause Autism
No doubt you have heard that there are no studies proving the link beteween vaccines and autism. That statement is simply not true. Here’s a list of 30 studies that do.
I did my own due diligence 35 years ago and was unconvinced that the medical profession were being honest about vaccine adverse events. I have had much evidence since to support my decision. Not the least of which is having three rediculosly talented children, all as sharp as tacks.
Teal is my elder daughter and has been spectacular with kids ever since she was one herself.
Our son topped his year at uni in civil engineering and commerce. I used to joke that he got his mother’s brains, I still had mine. Then I learned that children do inherit their intelligence from their mother, not their father! Laugh’s on me eh?
Our younger daughter is a team leader/project manager currently living in London while she and her boyfriend sightsee Europe.
All three are incredibly competent in their chosen fields. I wish the same for your children too!