New Study Shows Hearing Real Stories About Vaccine Reactions Reduces Trust in Vaccine Safety

baby with dummy
“I think the VAERS system has done far more harm than good . . . It’s often misunderstood [by people] who think that the VAERS in any way gives important information about vaccine side effects, when it doesn’t . . . VAERS, for the most part, is a lot of misleading noise.”
I think if I were a parent with a vaccine injured child, I would find having a person with vested interests (profits from the sales of vaccines) call my story “misleading noise” outrageously offensive!
All an attempt to cover up the real damage being done by criminally irresponsible and profiteering drug companies.

Some Interesting Financial News

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Just in case you wondered if the precious metals markets are actually manipulated: they are:
And to tie a few things together and put a bow on top:
And if the financial crisis wasn’t bas enough news, the idiot politicians are looking to create WWIII as a distraction!
Paul Craig Roberts Warns “Armageddon Approaches” After German Leak

SUNBLOCK: ‘Excuse Me While I Lather My Children in This Toxic Death Cream’

sun blockparent
sun blockparent

In interesting article not just because it highlights the carcinogenic ingredients in many commercial sunscreens but also because it expose what is a frustrating task for many people – parenting! How do you tell the truth from lies? How do you make the best choices for you kids? How do you do all the research needed when some days you don’t have time to scratch yourself let alone have an uninterrupted cuppa in peace.
If you are looking for shortcuts in your quest to understand what to avoid and what to do and not do to live the healthiest life, shout yourself a copy of my book, How To Live The Healthiest Life. I have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of hours reading and compiling this data to save you from the pain of not knowing it. Someone who received it as a Christmas present contacted me specifically to tell me it was a gift to humanity and I should submit it for a PhD.