Global Agribusiness, Dependency and the Marginalisation of Self-Sufficiency, Organic Farming and Agroecology

In ‘The impact of organic farming on food security in a regional and global perspective’, Halberg et al (2006) argue that while present food production in theory is sufficient to cover the energy and protein needs of the global population, there are still more than 740 million food insecure people, the majority of whom live in the Global South. The researchers indicate that if a conversion to organic farming of approximately 50% of the agricultural area in the Global South were to be carried out, it would result in increased self-sufficiency and decreased net food import to the region. Harvesting

Please Take The Time To Understand This Vital Issue

Lock The Gate Alliance is a national coalition of people from across Australia uniting to protect our common heritage- our land, water and communities – from unsafe mining. I received this email today:
Dear Tom,
My name is Sarah Ciesiolka and I am a farmer.
My family lives and farms a few kilometres downstream from Santos’ proposed Narrabri Coal Seam Gas Project in the Pilliga Forest. Each year, year in, year out, our farm produces 50 million potatoes, 1000 tonnes of peanuts and enough wheat to make 3.3 million loaves of bread. We rely entirely on underground water to irrigate our crops, for drinking and for everyday household use.
That is why we are fighting so hard against Santos’ plans for an industrial gasfield near us – the only one now proposed in New South Wales, and why we need your help to stop it.
The risks associated with the CSG industry are so significant that they are considered “uninsurable”.
We approached our own insurance company to mitigate the risk of CSG operations in our locality and to safeguard our assets and livelihoods but were advised that this was not possible.
We’d feel like we were completely on our own, if it wasn’t for Lock the Gate Alliance.
Lock the Gate is a movement of people like me and people like you, city and country, working together to protect the water, landscapes and people of New South Wales and the whole country.
Thanks to the work of people in my community, Santos’ project is terribly delayed and worth nothing to them.
Next week in Sydney, our local group will be in court challenging the approval of their CSG wastewater treatment plant, which the government gave them without proper consideration of the risks.
Lock the Gate will be there with us, bringing city and country people together, united for our love of Australia, its people, its ancient water, its culture and wildlife.
We need you too. Will you join us?
With your help, and the help of Lock the Gate, we can keep my region and its food-producing lands gasfield free.
Thank you,
Sarah Ciesiolka

The Carbon Farming Solution

“The Carbon Farming Solution is a book whose time has come. This detailed documentation of regenerative practices from around the world, including principles and methods, provides a practical guide for others to follow and expand upon as humanity takes on the “Great Work of Our Time” – to restore the Earth’s natural systems to ecological health. The Carbon Farming Solution is of enormous importance.”
The Carbon Farming Solution

How to help overturn No Jab, No Pay Legislation So The State Does Not Own Our Bodies

The State Owns Our Bodies
The AVN Committee is very pleased to inform you that our barrister has now given us the go-ahead to ask our membership and the general public for their voluntary sponsorship of the court challenge to No Jab, No Pay legislation.