Then check out this man’s take on handling it. He comes highly recommended by two people I know.
And here’s a free quote on the subject of cholesterol from my book:
As an example, a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine tested niacin (vitamin B-3) against a drug that reduces cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract, Zetia from Merck. Over 200 patients with heart disease or heart disease risk were randomly selected to receive either the B-3 supplement or Zetia for 14 months.
The results showed LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and triglycerides were reduced in both groups. HDL cholesterol (the good one) increased in both groups (more in the niacin group). Two important things happened in the niacin group that DID NOT happen in the group taking Zetia: 1) The thickness of the carotid artery walls was reduced in the niacin group, and 2) The incidence of major cardiovascular events was lower in the niacin group.
A reversal of arteriosclerosis and fewer heart attacks! Not too bad! We may not yet be able say that niacin “cures” arteriosclerosis but it’s certainly not too soon at all to point out that as placebo effects go, the reversing of narrowed arteries and prevention of heart attacks is pretty damn impressive. Beats the hell out of the increased heart attack rate statins cause!