Seven ways to detox on a budget

The fact that we live in an increasingly toxic environment which includes contaminated air, water, and food implies we must detox often. It may be wise to engage in a short-term detox, ideally upon seasonal changes, or at least once a year.
This article offers seven suggestions that you can creatively mix and match if desired. But first, stop consuming toxins. That includes all processed foods, junk foods, sugar and sugar substitutes, and fluoridated water.
Two of the foods the author recommends are cilantro and chlorella. My top food bars contain those as well as Modifilan in order to help remove any heavy metals and prevent an accumulation of them from leading to health problems. Check it out at

Self-Promotion Tools: Three Types of Sound Bites for Business Owners

A sound bite is a word morsel, a phrase that offers pleasure and surprise as it expands in the listener’s ear or the reader’s mind. To help promote your business, create sound bites to use during media interviews, in your blog, newsletter and press releases, as well as in media ads and customer emails.