The World Wide Web at 30: We got the free and open internet we deserve

Connected World

This isn’t the internet that Tim Berners-Lee envisioned when he laid the groundwork for the World Wide Web 30 years ago today. Rather than the free and open online utopia he envisioned, “the web has evolved into an engine of inequity and division,” he wrote in 2018, “swayed by powerful forces who use it for their own agendas.” And, by God, he’s going to fix it — even if he has to break the entire system to do so.

3,700-Year-Old ‘Mystery’ Babylonian Stone Tablet Is Translated

3,700-Year-Old ‘Mystery’ Babylonian Stone Tablet Is Translated

the Telegraph noted:

However unlike today’s trigonometry, Babylonian mathematics used a base 60, or sexagesimal system, rather than the 10, which is used today. Because 60 is far easier to divide by three, experts studying the tablet, found that the calculations are far more accurate.

“Our research reveals that Plimpton 322 describes the shapes of right-angle triangles using a novel kind of trigonometry based on ratios, not angles and circles,” Dr. Daniel Mansfield of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales Faculty of Science, said in a university news release. “It is a fascinating mathematical work that demonstrates undoubted genius. The tablet not only contains the world’s oldest trigonometric table; it is also the only completely accurate trigonometric table, because of the very different Babylonian approach to arithmetic and geometry.”

We Are Energy – Not Quite!

We Are Energy - Not Quite!

Almost correct. We are not energy. Each of us is an energy production machine. We create energy. Unlimited amounts of it. As a matter of fact you are far more powerful than anybody ever permitted you to believe! Why else would they work so hard to prevent you from knowing you are an immortal, indestructible spiritual being?

Truly recognise that and become fearless!

Help When You Can

I have come to the conclusion that many things in life are like the Kelloggs All Bran ad from 20 years ago, “If you eat it, you don’t need it.”

I send these little messages out and the people who would read and heed it probably don’t need it and the people who need it wouldn’t read or heed it.

But sometimes some of us need reminding from time to time so for the few who know it but need to be reminded of it, here it is!

Don’t Watch The News!


Constant negative news stories are instilling ‘learned helplessness’ in Americans

Don’t let the actions of the small minority of evil doers dull your light. Be aware of them, avoid the negative consequences of their actions as much as possible, share the truth but most importantly, continue to use your own unique creative, constrive ability to make a better world for you and others!

How Do You Bring a Forest Back to Life?


Half a millennia ago, forests covered much of the Iberian peninsula. But that soon changed. Centuries of wars and invasions, agricultural expansion and woodcutting for charcoal and shipping wiped out most of the woods and transformed places like Matamorisca, a small village in northern Spain, into degraded landscapes.

The region’s arid climate and depleted soils would be a recipe for disaster in your average reforestation program, but for the Amsterdam-based Land Life Company it’s an ideal place. “We typically operate where nature does not come back by itself,” says Jurrian Ruys, its CEO. “We go where there are rougher conditions in terms of weather, with rough or very hot summers.”

In Matamorisca, they intervened in 17 barren hectares owned by the regional government and peppered them with their signature device: a biodegradable cardboard donut they call the cocoon which can hold 25 litres of water underground to aid a seedling’s first year.