The Meaning Of DEI

The Meaning Of DEI

Give me a firm or society that operates on increasing the competence, awareness, health, prosperity and sanity of ALL its members any day of the week. I am all for meritocracy!

After all, if you get that on which you put your attention, should we not be focusing on competence and excellence?

Granted I am told that most of us do not have enough drama in our lives but personally, when I fly, I prefer not to have the door of my jet pop out mid flight because someone was not competent enough to check it was properly bolted on.

Queensland government facing ‘thousands’ of potential compo claims after vaccines ruling

Sacked Qld Nurse

A state government could be up for millions in compensation after a court ruled its Covid vaccine mandates were ‘ineffective’ and ‘unlawful’- with a controversial billionaire ready to back more legal action by those sacked for refusing the jabs.

Despite the Queensland government deciding not to appeal the landmark Supreme Court decision against their imposition of vaccine mandates, health agencies have not moved to automatically give fired staff their jobs back or provide compensation.

Mining magnate Clive Palmer, who contributed $3m to help win the Supreme Court case brought against the government by a nurses’ union and 74 police, has said he would consider backing class actions to recoup costs and get justice.

‘Anyone who left Queensland Health and the QAS because they did not want to take a Covid-19 vaccine is welcome to reapply for roles in the organisation,’ a spokesman said.

Despite the department confirming to the Courier Mail that it would not be appealing the Supreme Court decision, health minister Shannon Fentiman said that she had not been informed of any compensation decision.

‘I have not been advised of any decisions regarding compensation, following the Director General’s decision today, not to appeal,’ she said.

The Nurses Professional Association Queensland (NPAQ) said nurses are still being blacklisted despite public agencies saying they were welcome to apply for their old jobs.

‘Despite all the promises from Health Minister Shannon Fentiman and her Director General that they would love nurses to come back and save lives in a health crisis, her department is still refusing to rehire terminated nurses. NPAQ secretary Kara Thomas said.

‘Since the promises we have been informed by a nurse that due to her disciplinary action, they could not offer her a position.

‘In the same week, another nurse who remained suspended received a letter from the department saying she may have the right skills and experience and to please apply, only to then receive a threat of termination letter.

Why Gary Brecka Changed his Mind on Keto, Fasting, and 3 other things

Thomas De Lauer Interviews Gary Brecka

“In the life insurance industry… …we studied what makes people die… …If I was to boil that entire 22 year career down to a single sentence it would be that the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease… …If you look at why human beings are not living longer and happier lives it is modifiable risk factors… …The modifiable risk factors are entirely under our control and the masses are not getting the message because the messages coming from big pharma, from government, from food labelling that is intentionally meant to deceive you.”