Thousands of Physicians and Medical Scientists Sign “Rome Declaration” in Protest, Launch New Information Platform

Dr. Robert Malone, architect of the mRNA vaccine platform, reads the Rome Declaration

Over 3,100 physicians and medical scientists worldwide have published a “Declaration” accusing Covid policy-makers of potential “crimes against humanity” and “hundreds of thousands of deaths,” by preventing physicians from providing life-saving treatment for their patients and suppressing open scientific discussion.

Life (of a Body)

Life (of a Body)

Misuse can cause termination.

User of should but rarely does, assume full responsibility for nearly unlimited potential for creation by use of or destruction by misuse.

We’ve Got a Way Bigger Problem than “Disinformation”

Disinformation Banned

By Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS

My Jewish father was an old country lawyer who believed deeply in fairness and justice for all living people, so I was curious what he thought about the Nazis.

It was spring of 1977, and the American Nazi Party had announced their intention to hold a July 4th rally in the town of Skokie, a predominantly Jewish community in Illinois. Not surprisingly, the town of Skokie had sought an injunction to ban the rally, and the Nazis had, ironically, sought the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to fight the injunction.

The subject at the family dinner table was this: Should the American Civil Liberties Union protect the free-speech rights of Nazis?

Remember, we’re of Jewish heritage, so it’s hard to look at the philosophical issues involved objectively because there’s so much emotion attached to the subject matter. Nonetheless, I’ll never forget my father’s response:

“They have to defend them,” he said of the ACLU’s decision to fight the ban on behalf of the Nazi Party. “Free speech isn’t just for people you agree with.”

It isn’t. Free speech is about vigorously defending the rights of people with whom you disagree.
“Censorship almost always creates more damage than whatever’s being censored would’ve caused,” my father told me.

Right now, the country is bitterly and tragically divided over the challenges associated with COVID. I want to suggest that we’re facing a bigger challenge—equally terrifying, but one on which we can and should be united: the quietly emerging challenges to our free speech.

There’s a below-the-radar increase in censorship and “de-platforming” taking place right now, and it’s making disturbing inroads into our First Amendment rights.

Exhibit A: Last month, Dr. Joseph Mercola—one of the most influential voices in integrative medicine and the owner of the number one natural health website in the world—felt he had no choice but to remove over 20 years of content from his website, content that I and many other people have found immensely valuable over the past two decades.

Among other things, Dr. Mercola was known for exposing his readers to brilliant but renegade thinkers like Kilmer McCully, M.D., the professor who was basically de-platformed out of his lab at Harvard for advocating the view that homocysteine was as serious a risk factor for coronary heart disease as cholesterol, a piece of “disinformation” that did not sit well with the establishment.

Postscript: Dr. McCully was welcomed back to Harvard after about two decades of subsequent research essentially proved he was right all along (1).
But I digress.

Dr. Mercola explained why he’s taking down the content on his site in a disturbing video on YouTube (2), the crux of which is that he could no longer endure the backlash (some might say persecution) he was enduring for publishing information that questioned conventional narratives on nutrition and health—information that has been come to be branded “disinformation”. By backlash, I’m talking threats on his life. He believes this is probably due to a New York Times hatchet piece—and I don’t use that term lightly—that labeled him number one on its list of top “disseminators of disinformation” on health-related issues.

If you’d like an example of the dangerous misinformation that brought death threats to members of the Mercola organization, take a look at one of the FDA’s warning letters to Dr. Mercola, which states that he is illegally selling products—specifically vitamin C, vitamin D and quercetin—intended to “mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19? (3).

Never mind a recent published paper entitled “Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths: Time to Act” (4) or that, according to Medscape, vitamin D deficiency quadruples the death rate from COVID (5).

Apparently, the FDA and the NY Times have decided that Joe Mercola is guilty of what’s turning out to be the defining sin of the 21st century: Disinformation.

I wonder if that word scares you as much as it does me.

See, I was a kid during the cold war, and one of the things we used to read about was how the Soviet Union would send dissidents to “re-education” camps. They had to be “re-educated” because they were filled with all sorts of subversive ideas (like communism was terrible) and had to be “set straight” and rehabilitated before they could be allowed to re-enter society.

Re-education? Disinformation? It sounds like North Korea to me. The entire concept should be chilling to any American, and I don’t care where you stand on vaccination—or on anything else!
Look, I know there are exceptions to the free speech rule—my father always used to say that free speech doesn’t include the right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre—but we’re not talking about those one-off cases. We’re talking about something much, much more insidious.

Who Decides What’s Disinformation?

The minute you accept the notion of “disinformation” you automatically buy into the notion that there’s one truth. (In fact, if you google “opposite of disinformation,” the first word that appears is “truth,” followed by “facts”).

Now, you might say, “What’s wrong with that?” But the problem is, facts don’t “speak for themselves.” Facts are impartial, and always have to be interpreted. Otherwise, they’re just numbers without context—they have to be woven into a narrative. And as we all know, it’s possible for intelligent people, acting in good faith, to look at the exact same facts and come up with very different narratives.

As the Nobel-prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D., has taught us, we rarely if ever make decisions based on facts and data (6). Our decisions, conclusions and interpretations are subject to cognitive distortions such as confirmation bias, hindsight bias, and availability bias. It’s been well-documented that people see what they expect to see—if you doubt it, look at the results of the classic “invisible gorilla” experiment, which you can actually watch on YouTube (7).

The fact that there are multiple “readings” of the same data, multiple perspectives and interpretations of facts may be confusing, but is ultimately a good thing. And guess what? I want to be able to hear all those interpretations. And so should you. Be suspicious—and frightened—when the powers that be don’t want you to hear them. When you buy into the notion that there is one clear-cut truth in science, health, and medicine, without nuance, shading, or consideration of alternate perspectives—you have to answer a very uncomfortable question:

Who decides what the “truth” is going to be? And…for how long it’s going to be “true”?

I’d like anyone reading this who is familiar with the history of science and has read The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (8) to tell me that they think that what we now think is absolutely true about the Coronavirus—or any other health issue, for that matter—is likely to remain “absolutely true” 100 years from now.

Few things in health and medicine pass that test.

Remember, as recently as 50 years ago, we thought it was “absolutely true” that low-fat diets prevented obesity and heart disease. To say otherwise was to be spreading disinformation. You remember how well that worked out.

Cholesterol “disinformation?”

I know this all to be true from personal experience. For the past decade or so, I’ve been making the case that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, that too many people are on statin drugs unnecessarily, that saturated fat does not clog arteries, and that our myopic focus on an outdated HDL-LDL lab test is causing us to take our eye off the ball when it comes to doing what we can actually do to prevent heart disease. When cardiologist Steven Sinatra, M.D., and I originally appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, a committee of doctors wrote in saying we should be banned from television. (“Cancel culture” hadn’t come into vogue yet, but that’s what they were asking for!)

I appeared—with a dozen smart, credentialed people, including professors from places like Harvard Medical School—in a documentary (9) produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company and hosted by a television journalist with a Ph.D. from Columbia Journalism School that reasonably questioned the conventional wisdom of cholesterol and statin drugs. There was a coordinated campaign in Australia to remove the video from YouTube—a campaign that was briefly successful. A PR firm planted headlines in the local papers saying essentially that “31,000 people would die” if they followed the disinformation in the documentary. We were essentially cancelled and de-platformed.

And when Dr. Timothy Noakes—one of the most respected medical researchers and professors in South Africa—began to question the high-carb diet and recommended high-fat for his patients, the powers that be attempted to take his license and deplatform him for going against “standard medical practice” and giving advice that was “unscientific.”

This resulted in a four-year trial, thousands of pages of scientific articles entered as evidence, and two international witnesses being flown in, all of which led to the total vindication of Dr. Noakes and the restoration of his license.(10)

Turns out Dr. Noakes was right all along—and we’d never have known it if he had been silenced.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with me about cholesterol, or if you agree with the people who disagree with me, or if you agree with Dr. Noakes about the benefits of high-fat diets, or with Dr. Mercola about the benefits of vitamin D3, and it doesn’t matter where you stand on vaccinations. The cost of silencing dissident voices is simply greater than whatever damage could be done by people spouting ideas that the establishment does not agree with.

If you don’t object vehemently to the censorship of ideas expressed in writing, speaking, and video, you are essentially agreeing to the idea of a Truth Police, because somebody’s got to make the decision on what constitutes disinformation.

Who shall that be? The people who work at YouTube and Facebook? The government? The American Heart Association? The Scientologists? The Anti-Scientologists? The Vegans? The Carnivores? Democrats? Republicans?

I vote for none of the above!

The only way to not have to solve the awful Rubik Cube problem of who shall be the “Truth Police” is this: Eliminate the position. We don’t need truth police. We need to be able to hear all lawful points of view on any subject and we need to start reading up on things and trusting ourselves to make our own judgements.

And, as long as I’m dreaming, wouldn’t it be nice for us to all make our judgements and arrive at our opinions without being so attached to our tribe’s version of the truth? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hold our positions on health matters in a space that allowed us to modify our positions when new data and interpretations present themselves?

OK, I know that’s a fantasy, but it’s how science actually works. Science is the practice of questioning things, constantly—offering alternative hypotheses to accepted “wisdom,” and then testing those new hypotheses. If you don’t hold “conventional wisdom” up to examination, then you’re not doing science, you’re doing propaganda.
Questioning is how we grow our knowledge base in the first place.

You can’t do that if you silence the questioners.

“Disinformation?” Bring it on! I want to hear all points of view. I’ll disregard the ones I think are crazy, but I want the opportunity to decide for myself what makes sense and what doesn’t, and I want you to have that same opportunity.

No matter where we stand on other matters, I hope we can stand together for “open borders” in the marketplace of health information.


We’ve Got a Way Bigger Problem than “Disinformation”

Stay Calm!

Further to the post I made earlier, I saw this and it is concerning. Please do not get drawn into an incited and fomented violence. It never benefits the man in the street and always results in greater tyranny!
(From Advocate me)
Dirty games are being played. In fact, the dirtiest. The Australian and State Governments are in cahoots with some of the most nastiest organisations globally. It is Operation Incitement- meaning they will incite the population into a revolution with a view of opening up this Country to a military take-over and it will start with Victoria. The CCP in cahoots with World Economic Forum will disperse onto our population some of the nastiest people in the world. Please be prepared. Stand your ground. I did not want to say this but this is coming and no one is safe. The bastards that control this Country have sold us out but these bastards will be sold off too by the powers that be. The judges, the bureaucrats, the corporate sharks, the captains of industry none of you are safe too you absolute sell outs! Everything you have built is under attack!

A comment On Where We Are Compared To Where We Should Be

I hear this person and that beat the drum for Communism (these days thinly veiled as Socialism) or Capitalism so I thought I would say a few things on them.

Communism’s main premise is the necessary subservience of the individual to the collective resulting in the loss of personal freedom and rights for “the common good”. This is more a political ideology than a sound economic system as can easily be proven by looking at various economies.

It fails in practice on that one point. Economic and political suppression of the individual by a tyrannical state results in a slave society and slave societies always fail. I make no reference here to Klaus Schwab and the rest of the power elite and their plans for a New World Order rolling out around the world as we watch.

Capitalism is the practice of using accumulated wealth to create income. It has the primary purpose not of producing goods and services but of making money make money. It fails abysmally when the purpose of making money becomes senior to that of ethically producing goods and services needed and wanted by others. The lower the ethic level of those who control the power and capital, the more corrupt the society. Greed rules.

To prevent the spurious promise of each from easing us into their respective evils, the individual members of society should be well educated as to the perils of artificial political ideologies masquerading as an economic system, the benefits of personal production and be skilled in maintaining their own ethics and the ethics of those around him.

Those they elect to represent him in the legislature must be aware of and act on the basic purpose of good government being to protect the freedom and liberty of their own people and those of the neighboring nations and to facilitate their productivity and prosperity while improving our environment. Again, no comment is made here of governments doing the exact opposite of that, unduly restricting personal freedoms, violating human rights and destroying lives and businesses in the process.

The individual in a society should be as free as possible to ethically produce goods and services needed and wanted by other members of society, unfettered by unreasonable efforts to control or restrict him by governments or other monopolies.

A skilled and competent person produces more therefore accumulates more wealth. This attracts the jealousy of malcontented incompetents who, believing nothing is ever really owned by anyone, desire to strip a successful person of some or all of his accumulated riches.

Those who obtain their wealth illegally, immorally, by corruption or influence only exacerbate this desire. The injustices associated with their unethical accumulation serve only to further fuel the jealousy of the discontented incompetents and swell their number from those disadvantaged by the unethical accumulation.

When the injustice and resulting discontent rises above a certain level, often fueled by a vocal anti-capitalist who would be tyrant, revolution ensues. And revolution usually replaces one lot of tyranny with a worse one. The French Revolution begat the Reign of Terror. The Russian revolution led to the deaths of tens of millions under successive tyrants. The Chinese revolution resulted similarly.

So we are best served by having a society composed of honest, ethical, competent producers and a fair and predictable justice system.

We have a long way to go from where we are to get to there!

A Nurse Speaks by Lynde Roesler Turner

Lynde Roesler Turner

I’ve been a nurse most of my adult life.

For a very long time, I sacrificed birthdays, holidays, weekends, time with my family, vacations, time, sleep, food and even trips to the bathroom to care for others.

I made the choice to leave my sick children at times so I could care for your family.

I never chose who to help.

I never determined if someone deserved more of my care or less. I treated them all. The same.

I have performed CPR on the grandmother who requested to be a DNR but you made the choice to rescind it.

I have been there to hold the hand of the dying father whose children never came because it was too much.

I have cared for the intoxicated man that called me every name under the sun, all while the person he hit is dying in the next room.

I have cared for the drug addict who relapsed for just one more high.

I have held the baby who’s mother dropped her off at our ER door never to return.

I still took care of the person who chose to end their life. The ones who didn’t make it and the ones who survived to regret it.

I have cared for the child who drowned when no one was watching.

I have cared for the grandfather who the family refused to “pull the plug” because it would halt the monthly SS checks.

I have taken care of the patient who made the choice to not manage their insulin.

I have had compassion for the chronically ill patient who refused to take their medication or manage their disease.

I took care of the family member who should have had access to hospice but was forced to refuse and never to give up by their family.

I’ve honored the religious choice to deny blood products or other medical care even when it cost their life and I couldn’t understand.

I’ve cared for the homeless mental health patient who continued to refuse help.

I supported and cared for each one no matter their choices.

Despite their choices.

And now I see nurses being threatened, intimidated, fired for their choice. Like their choice doesn’t matter. Like their body autonomy shouldn’t exist.

And now I see healthcare “professionals” stating they will not care for people the same because of a choice. Stating they should just let the un – v people die.

Discrimination based on age, religion, sex, race, color or creed is WRONG.

And discrimination based on injection status is just as WRONG.

If you are healthcare professional doing this… STOP. Think about the implications of what you’re saying, doing, proposing.

I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.

Someone should have said this long time ago.

Behind the scenes pic of my most recent, last and final travel assignment last summer.

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!

Coach Wooden

“Make each day your masterpiece, angels can do no better.” (Coach Wooden) He was an English teacher. He quoted poetry. He despised profanity. He adored his wife – Nell. And he coached a little….with a bit of success.


Ginger Mick and Lennie Gwyther

How times have changed!! I love this story – a celebration of the human spirit …

It’s 1932 and Australia is in the grip of the Great Depression.

One in three workers are unemployed.

Decrepit shanty towns hug the outskirts of the big cities.

A scrawny rabbit caught in a trap will feed a family for a week.

Country roads are filled with broken men walking from one farmhouse to another seeking menial jobs and food.

On the outskirts of the South Gippsland town of Leongatha, an injured farmer lies in bed unable to walk – or work.

World War I hero Captain Leo Tennyson Gwyther is in hospital with a broken leg and the family farm is in danger of falling into ruins.

Up steps his son, nine-year-old Lennie.

With the help of his pony Ginger Mick, Lennie ploughs the farm’s 24 paddocks and keeps the place running until his father can get back on his feet.

How to reward him?

Lennie has been obsessively following one of the biggest engineering feats of the era – the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

He wants to attend its opening.

With great reluctance, his parents agree he can go.

So Lennie saddles up Ginger Mick, packs a toothbrush, pyjamas, spare clothes and a water bottle into a sack, and begins the 1000+ kilometre trek to Sydney.


That’s right.

A nine-year-old boy riding a pony from the deep south of Victoria to the biggest and roughest city in the nation.

Told you it was a different era.

No social media.

No mobile phones.

But even then it doesn’t take long before word begins to spread about a boy, his horse and their epic trek.

The entire population of small country towns gather on their outskirts to welcome his arrival.

He survives bushfires, is attacked by a “vagabond” and endures rain and cold, biting winds.

When he reaches Canberra he is welcomed by Prime Minister Joseph Lyons, who invites him into Parliament House for tea.

When he finally arrives in Sydney, more than 10,000 people line the streets to greet him.

He is besieged by autograph hunters.

He becomes a key part of the official parade at the bridge’s opening.

He and Ginger Mick are invited to make a starring appearance at the Royal Show.

Even Donald Bradman, the biggest celebrity of the Depression era, requests a meeting and gives him a signed cricket bat.

A letter writer to The Sydney Morning Herald at the time gushes that “just such an example as provided by a child of nine summers, Lennie Gwyther was, and is, needed to raise the spirit of our people and to fire our youth and others to do things – not to talk only.

“The sturdy pioneer spirit is not dead … let it be remembered that this little lad, when his father was in hospital, cultivated the farm – a mere child.”

When Lennie leaves Sydney for home a month later, he has become one of the most famous figures in a country craving uplifting news.

Large crowds wave handkerchiefs.

Women weep and shout “goodbye”.

According to The Sun newspaper, “Lennie, being a casual Australian, swung into the saddle and called ‘Toodleloo!’”.

He finally arrives home to a tumultuous reaction in Leongatha.

He returns to school and soon life for Lennie – and the country – returns to normal.

These days you can find a bronze statue in Leongatha commemorating Lennie and Ginger Mick.

But Australia has largely forgotten his remarkable feat – and how he inspired a struggling nation.

Never taught about him in school?

Never heard of him before?

Spread the word.

We need to remember – and celebrate – Lennie Gwyther and his courageous journey.

It’s a great story.

from Garry Linnell’s article in The New Daily