Turmeric treats depression without side effects


A landmark study on curcumin and its effects on depression, however, could spell new hope and an increased quality of life for those suffering from this disorder. The new breakthrough research concluded that curcumin was as effective as Prozac in treating depressive disorders but lacked any serious side effects and was well-tolerated by patients across the board.


Pesticide Women Organizers

Pesticide Women Organizers

Three local Wisconsin women are spearheading an effort to persuade city officials to abandon a plan to use herbicides in Stoughton parks and athletic fields beginning this spring. After learning of the plan about two weeks ago, Sylvia Lawrence, Gennifer Weaver and Sara Downie – all mothers with young children – contacted friends in the city who share their concerns. They established a grassroots group opposed to using chemicals to control broadleaf plants such as dandelions and clover. They also offered to help maintain park lawns and playing fields and have encouraged the city to adopt alternatives to chemical applications. The three and about two-dozen supporters calling themselves Naturally Stoughton-Cultivating Sustainable Solutions attended a Public Works Committee meeting last Monday to question the new policy. They hope the city can find organic solutions to what some people are considering a significant weed problem. [Photo by Bill Livick: From left, city residents Gennifer Weaver, Sylvia Lawrence with baby Felix, Hannah Lawrence, Eve Downie, Sara Downie and Drew Downie gather at Veterans Park, in which the women hope city officials will not use chemicals to control weeds.]