A Legal Way To Fight Back And Burden Our Attackers With Personal Liability

There is a brilliant notice you can serve on the Australian government ministers that will, if enough of us do it, cause them to back pedal so hard on the subject of mandatory vaccines that you will hear the tyres squeal around the world! Click here https://copyrightclaimservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Notice-govt-form.docx to download and print the document then send it off.

Do you know that a NOTICE becomes legally binding on both parties if there is no written objection to the notice?

Do you know that if this Notice is not responded to as directed in the notice, then the other party (employer) automatically becomes contracted to your conditions stated in the notice?

Do you know that a Notice is able to be used as evidence in court but a letter is not?

Do you know that signing or autographing your name on the right side of the page makes you the creditor (person in charge) of the contract, the debtor (the one who must take action) is always detailed on the left side of the document?

Do you know that you can put any value on your life as YOU choose? We are not bound by their grossly unfair compensation rates of their choosing, we can set our own value on our own lives.

Do you know that the introduction by all countries of the Hague Convention agreed to International Contract Law (Universal Commercial Codes) almost 70 years ago? This means that every law or supposed law and statute is a CONTRACT and if you have no written objection to it then you have agreed to the contract.

This document is written as a NOTICE and becomes CONTRACT by either the other party response or acquiescence (lack of response or a response not in the way detailed in this notice).

‘Proud’ Aaron receives COVID-19 vaccine Jan 5, Dies Jan 22

Hank Aaron Gets COVID Vax

Hank Aaron expressed pride after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccination. The iconic Hall of Famer hopes his willingness to be vaccinated Tuesday will help lessen concerns some Black Americans may have about receiving the shot.

Young told the AP the mistrust Black Americans have for vaccinations stems from the Tuskegee experiment, an infamous study which left syphilis untreated in participating Black men without their consent. The experiment spanned from 1932-72.

“I’ve been taking vaccines now for 88 years and I haven’t been sick,” Young said. “The truth of it is, Black folk have been living by shots, and just because they did something crazy and murderous and evil back in 1931, we’re still thinking about that. We’ve got to get over that.”

Hank Aaron, a son of the Deep South who soared above its poverty and racism to become one of the most consequential figures in American history, died Friday January 22 at age 86.

No cause of death was cited in the article.

The irony is thick in this story. Poor guy was out to help and seems to have been fatally betrayed.


The Gut Alzheimer’s Link

The Gut Alzheimer's Link

For years, it has been reported that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia. Various external and internal factors may contribute to the early onset of AD. This review highlights a contribution of the disturbances in the microbiota–gut–brain (MGB) axis to the development of AD. Alteration in the gut microbiota composition is determined by increase in the permeability of the gut barrier and immune cell activation, leading to impairment in the blood–brain barrier function that promotes neuroinflammation, neuronal loss, neural injury, and ultimately AD. Numerous studies have shown that the gut microbiota plays a crucial role in brain function and changes in the behavior of individuals and the formation of bacterial amyloids. Lipopolysaccharides and bacterial amyloids synthesized by the gut microbiota can trigger the immune cells residing in the brain and can activate the immune response leading to neuroinflammation. Growing experimental and clinical data indicate the prominent role of gut dysbiosis and microbiota–host interactions in AD. Modulation of the gut microbiota with antibiotics or probiotic supplementation may create new preventive and therapeutic options in AD. Accumulating evidences affirm that research on MGB involvement in AD is necessary for new treatment targets and therapies for AD.


Aust Gov Dept Health Vax Informed Consent

Aust Gov Dept Health Vax Informed Consent

Well looky, looky, looky! The politicians cannot even follow their own guidelines let alone the legal precedents like Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and agreements like Nurembeg Code, UN Declaration on Human Rights, Universal Agreement on Medical Bioethics and Human Rights and the Helsinki Agreement.