What About Marijuana Use Is Addictive?


Potential problems include harms from prenatal exposure and unintentional childhood exposure; decline in educational or occupational functioning after early adolescent use, and in adulthood, impaired driving and vehicle crashes; cannabis use disorders (CUD), cannabis withdrawal, and psychiatric comorbidity. That’s a long list of the potential harms in using marijuana. The last line of the paper’s introduction reads, “The public, health professionals, and policy makers would benefit from education about the risks of cannabis use, the increases in such risks, and the role of marijuana laws in these increases.”


Low Vitamin D Linked To

Low Vitamin D Linked To

And this dows not even mention that 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day lowers your cancer risk by 77%!

So where do we get vitamin D? From the sun? What have we been told to do for the last 40 years? Stay out of the sun! Who makes money out of people who are depressed, anxious or aggressive? The Medi_pHarma cartel!

I recommend you look at getting an alternative health practioner as your primary health care provider – naturopath, homeopath or Chinese herbalist etc.


Let’s take Are you OK? to the next level!

Are you learning useful skills?
Are you acquiring useful knowledge?
Are you doing something that is on your basic purpose?
Are you enjoying producing what you do on your job?
Are you happy about your level of production?
Are you making your life and the lives of others better each day?
Are you overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and your goals?
Are you happy about the progress you are making towards your goals?
Are you happy?
Are you contributing to the improved survival potential of you and the rest of life?
Are you working with people with whom you enjoy working?

Substance Abuse Has Many Forms

Substance Abuse Has Many Forms

If sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, shouldn’t we be setting up nutrition clinics for the sugar addicted? Better than shooting clinics for the drug addicted! OK. THAT will never pass. It will never get group agreement. It is more survival. The majority of the group agree only on destructive things.

Are you getting a side of cancer with your “medicine”?

Are you getting a side of cancer with your "medicine"?

Why Carcinogens Have Infiltrated the Generic Drug Supply in the U.S: “At least 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for all drugs are made in Chinese and Indian factories that U.S. pharmaceutical companies never have to identify to patients, using raw materials whose sources the pharmaceutical companies don’t know much about. The FDA checks less than 1% of drugs for impurities or potency before letting them into the country.” Even if an FDA inspector visits the factory and finds irregularities or contamination, it’s likely that nothing will be done about it. This is a pretty damning article from Bloomberg.


Complete lack of scientific evidence in psychiatry

Pills To Brain

In this compelling article, Dr McLaren takes to task psychiatrist, Ronald Pies who has again insisted that psychiatrists and the institution of psychiatry have never embraced or supported a the completely bogus “chemical imbalance theory” of mental disorder, which has been used to push strong psychotropic drugs on an unwitting population. The result of this completely fabricated theory, which has zero scientific basis is evident in the shocking international and Australian antidepressant usage statistics, as pointed out by Dr McLaren in his article:

“In the UK at present, 16% of the adult population (one in six) take antidepressants. In the US, that figure is 13%, and in Australia, 12%, up from 9.8% just three years ago, and a bare 1% in 1991. Significantly, the length of time people take these drugs is growing, meaning that once they start, they don’t stop. The consumption of these drugs is a social phenomenon, not a disease phenomenon: there is zero evidence to say that the actual incidence of depression in Australia has increased 1200% in one generation.”