Darkfield Microscopy Of Homegrown, Grass Fed Unvaccinated 3 Different Beef Blood Samples Shows Nano/ Microrobots And Polymers. Toxic Geoengineering Seems To Be The Cause.

Blood Sample

This is a continuation of a research project to correlate live blood findings with the blood of the meat consumed. My patient brought 3 different beef samples in, all grass fed, unvaccinated, homegrown. All samples had nanotechnology contamination, presumed to be from geoengineering.

Unfortunately, this is not good news. I live in a community where many people are working to do the best they can to keep their blood clean – by drinking well water, growing their own food and having unvaccinated meat, being aware and taking precautions against C19 bioweapon shedding and additionally cleaning the blood with detoxification methods – as I have documented. We all have to breathe air, as do our animals. The nanotechnology is absorbed by the plants and grass. If the air is poisoned, everything gets poisoned. The original cow with the worst findings that made my patient feel sick ( sample 1) was the oldest, and maybe the self assembly nanotechnology had the greatest time to grow to large polymer structures. At this point, without mitigation strategies, its going to be very challenging to keep the blood in decent condition. I have confirmed these findings multiple times with beef from several different sources as well. I specifically looked at beef that was unvaccinated ( no vaccines whatsoever, not just no mRNA), grass fed and homegrown. In general, people on vegetarian diets seem to have less blood contamination. Intermittent fasting helps. I will be looking at other unvaccinated animal blood soon. Check the other linked articles for how we cleaned the blood from contamination and how the human blood looked while eating the sample 1 beef in the first post. Please share this research, so people are informed.

I have long said, what good is it to ban the poisenous c19 bioweapon if we do not win the fight against geoengineering – for the poisening and fusion with synthetic biology and technology of all life continues via these genocidal weather warfare operations.

I sadly seem to be right.


Naomi Wolf – The COVID Shots Destroy Female Fertility

Naomi Wolf, researcher and best selling author, shares what she and her team uncovered in the court ordered document release from Pfizer

Vax Women Gender Development

The people high up in our governments and on the TV aren’t who they say they are and they’re not executing policies and processes for the benefit of the public. If anyone doubts this, especially any female, they need to watch this short clip from Naomi Wolf…. while she’s being interviewed on the Voices for Medical Freedom Podcast. This is about sterilization of the female in all ways, leading to population collapse, on as many levels as possible. Click here to watch. (7 mins) The full interview can be found on the same channel.


Does Covid Exist or Not?

You may have seen some opine that the coronavirus does not exist. In fact neither the WHO, nor any scientific, medical research organisation or government agency has been able to provide a sample of it, even when requested to do so with an FOI request. I know people who got it and swear that it was no no other flu they have ever had. So here is some data on it you may like to see.

Dr Mike Yeadon thinks the Covid virus doesn’t exit and

challenged Dr Tess Lawrie, who did great work with ivermectin.


COVID VIRUS EXISTS – Dr Peter McCullough

Well here is a great video with Dr Peter McCullough. Go to 17.03 minutes, where he spells it out.

[00:15:50] In any season, if we look at all the respiratory hospitalizations in the United States, roughly 15% test positive for influenza. And it doesn’t mean influenza is the central driver. Someone could have gotten a fever, fallen down, had a hip fracture, and they’re actually going to die of some complication of the hip fracture and not necessarily the influenza.

[00:16:11] But the principle is count all cases in. So now the COVID-19 pandemic occurs, and this novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, of which has been exhaustively investigated, hundreds of thousands of papers. It has its unique genetic code. It’s a coronavirus. Its structure is fully understood. Its protein makeup is fully understood.

[00:16:38] It is isolated. It’s been isolated in viral cultures, and it’s transferred from one cell to another. The Chinese Sinopharm therapeutics isolates it and actually makes it as a vaccine, a killed virus vaccine. And it can physically be seen. You can see it on electron microscopy.

[00:17:03]So SARS-CoV-2, the virus, clearly exists. It would just be antithetical to reality to say it doesn’t exist. Now, the absence of flu cases needs to be explained. And early on, the CDC’s methodology to determine SARS-CoV-2 by PCR, polymerase chain reaction testing, it could not distinguish. Because PCR testing takes what’s called primers, typically four very small segments of genetic code. It was not sufficiently accurate to discern between COVID and the flu.

[00:17:44] So here we go. A senior citizen comes in from the nursing home, we’re in the heat of the pandemic. He’s got a fever. Everyone’s thinking COVID. Unless they had COVID and influenza testing, the hospitals, using the laboratory derived assays, of which most of the health systems here in Texas did, the one I was at did, using the CDC methods, they would determine, well, it’s a case of COVID.

[00:18:08] And if they would have tested flu, they’d say, wait a minute, this COVID test positive is flu positive. Let’s try to sort this out. So it was probably the abandoning of testing for flu, this thinking that everything coming in is COVID. And don’t forget the hospitals were heavily incentivized to diagnose COVID, not necessarily influenza.

[00:18:28] So that probably weighed into it. Now people said, well, wait a minute, Dr. McCullough, both illnesses cause fever. They make people sick. They afflict the elderly. It was all just the flu. SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist. Actually, we call them virus deniers. I said, listen, if you think this is the flu, I can tell you as a doctor, influenza does not cause blood clots like SARS-CoV-2 does, like we’ve never seen before.

[00:19:01] Influenza doesn’t cause the spike protein to be found in blood clots like it’s been found. Influenza doesn’t cause the spike protein to cause all these manifestations that we see. In fact, influenza itself is not deadly. What makes influenza deadly is secondary staphylococcal infections, which we didn’t see in COVID.

[00:19:23] So to summarize, SARS-CoV-2 infection and influenza are completely separate clinical entities. The two viruses have been sequenced, cloned, isolated, cultured, and made into separate vaccines. And then the third part of it, what confused people was, I think it initially flawed PCR test platform by the CDC. Later on, the testing platforms, clarified this, and we had a rebound in flu cases


Autism Rate Graph

Autism Rate Graph

Dr. Ben Tapper writes on X:

Big Pharma has a secret, and we must continue to shed light on it. The multi-billion-dollar industry has been tailoring data to show desired outcomes, manipulating results to push their products and silence anyone who dares to speak out. This is not just a conspiracy theory; it’s a harsh reality that affects us all, especially our children.

By cherry-picking data and hiding unfavorable results, Big Pharma creates a false narrative that their vaccines are safe and effective. They use their immense power and influence to:

– Suppress negative studies
– Discredit independent research
– Intimidate whistleblowers
– Censor online content

This gaslighting tactic makes it difficult for healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients to make informed decisions. It’s a dangerous game that puts profits over people’s lives.

We must demand transparency and accountability from Big Pharma. Let’s break the silence and expose the truth. Share this post to spread awareness and support those who dare to speak out against the manipulation.

The Forgotten Science of Vaccine Disease Provocation

Jabbed Then Died

•Many people notice they appear to become ill with the disease they are being vaccinated against (e.g., the flu or COVID) after receiving a vaccine.

•While this association is frequently ridiculed by medical profession, over a century of evidence exists that demonstrates it occurred for a variety of diseases (e.g., there is extensive literature on it for typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and polio), to the point it was previously termed “disease provocation.”

•Unfortunately, since the knowledge of disease provocation would decrease vaccine sales, it tends to “vanish” from the medical profession’s memory, leading to almost identical debacles happening a few decades later that doctors at the time were “baffled by” (e.g., we discuss how this happened with polio).

•Disease provocation appears to be due to the immune system being diverted to targeting the vaccine’s antigen rather than doing it’s natural job. Since we frequently depend upon the immune system to control latent infections or recent ones currently in the incubation stage, that immunological diversion can lead to an existing infection spiraling out of control.

•In this article we review many examples of how this happened with infections in the past and highlight how this same process can cause vaccination to increase one’s risk of a severe flu infection, a severe COVID infection, a Lyme disease reactivation or a HPV infection progressing to cervical cancer.

Throughout my life, I have noticed more people than I can count (including groups of people) come down with the flu after they receive the flu vaccine. Whenever this is brought up in medical circles, the response typically is “correlation is not causation” and being lectured on the fact the injected influenza vaccine does not contain any live viruses so it can’t give you the flu.

More recently, I (and quite a few of my colleagues) noticed that this also happened with the COVID vaccine and more concerningly, we would come across cases where the person we knew not only got COVID but in some cases became severely ill, had to be hospitalized and then died. While this was understandably “denied,” I soon came across research from the adverse event reporting databases which showed that the two most common causes of death seen in association with the COVID-19 vaccines were heart issues (e.g., dying suddenly) and COVID-19, with the heart issues typically being clustering near the time of vaccination, while after a few weeks, the most commonly reported cause of death following a COVID-19 vaccine was…COVID-19.
Note: this is also shown in national trends of COVID-19 cases and deaths, as they tended to spike after vaccination campaigns were conducted.


Lessons from Bloodwork: How the Spike Protein Mimics HIV Infection

Unknown to many, SARS-CoV-2, like HIV, targets gut CD-4 cells.

(Tom: I well recall reading the first analysis of Sars_COV-2 from India in early 2020 where the researchers report they found virus they isolated and analysed had elements of HIV inserted in it, so it could not have been naturally transmitted from bats. That observation was denigrated at the time and the article withdraw,. Maybe wrongly so…

I found this article highly rich in medical nomenclature so here are the key points.)

I read a post on X over the weekend which disturbed me greatly and caused me to delve deeply into the mechanisms of HIV. An HIV neg patient presented with a low CD4 cell count. (CD4+ T cells, or helper T cells, are one type of lymphocyte that helps coordinate the immune response against infection and disease. They interact and activate other cells in the immune system.) This patient had COVID and was fully vaccinated. The doctor who posted the bloodwork commented that this finding “is more common than people want to believe.”

I couldn’t agree more with the doctor. In fact, as I have been warning for years, the mild symptoms that most experience from a COVID infection may not tell the full story of a COVID infection. After all, HIV is very similar in that the initial acute phase of the disease is very mild or virtually asymptomatic.

Let’s start with something HIV does which is very relevant in the context of SARS-CoV-2. This is the unknown-to-most fact that HIV shows a more serious depletion of CD4 T cells in the guy than in the blood. Also, like SARS-CoV-2, HIV triggers chronic immune activation.

In SARS-CoV-2 infection, we have, in essence, the precise same situation occurring in the gut. This is in regards to inflammation and CD4 counts.

There is much evidence that the Spike Protein alone may be inducing these responses.

And, perhaps more disturbingly, the gut may be a reservoir (along with many other locations) for persistent Spike production after natural infection.

Please remember, before we figured out what was really going on with HIV, we opened Kaposi Sarcoma clinics, noticed rare cancers and pneumonias. All eerily similar to what is happening now.

Nonetheless, we will continue to search for treatments and preventative measures. It is, however, beyond unfortunate that we have been put into this situation by almost certainly artificial means.


Vaccines – Claims Soar, Profits Plunge

Vaccines -  Claims Soar

The particular UK program referenced in the article provides a one-time payment for only the most severe vaccine injuries. The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) pays victims a lump sum of £120,000 pounds sterling if they develop a permanently disabling vaccine injury reducing their ability to live independently by at least 60%.

The £120,000 payout has not increased since 2007, which is one of the issues needing reform, said the Mail. That’s not enough even to fund a lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturers, which unlike the CICP, is still allowed in Great Britain.

It’s possible to qualify for the award, but it’s not easy. Victims must submit extensive confirmatory medical records, there’s an independent review panel process, and VDPS medical experts must rule out any possible alternative cause for the victim’s injury than one of the scheduled vaccines. There’s also a very strict time limit.

As the headline said, VDPS claims are unexpectedly soaring. Surprise! The safest and most effective vaccine in the world is overwhelming not the hospitals, but the injury compensation system. Just three years ago in 2021-22, the VDPS’s budget was £600,000. In the current budget year, it has tsunamied to £16.1 million.

In 2019, the year before the pandemic, there were 27 total VDPS claims for all vaccines combined. In 2020, claims even dropped down to 26 for all vaccines. But by 2022, it spiked to 480 — twenty times the previous year’s claims. Last year in 2023, claims multiplied again, about ten times to 4,008. And so far this year — in just the first four months — the Daily Mail reported the VDPS has received over eleven thousand claims.

That astonishing figure projects to around 44,000 claims for 2024; scaled to the U.S. population, that figure is the equivalent of +220,000 thousand new claims this year, more than the population of my home town. (Great Britain’s population is around 67 million, or about a fifth of the United States.)

The claims trend is obviously going the wrong way. Not only is the trend a horrifying signal in itself, but it’s happening at a time when vaccine uptake is plunging downwards; and after all the mandates have fallen by the wayside. Sure, there could be some conceivable reason for rising claims other than increasing injuries from the covid vaccines, but we can agree that whatever is happening, it isn’t good news.

Claims in the UK might be soaring, but sales are plunging. Last Thursday, Bloomberg ran another story signaling more problems for the jabs:

Moderna Sales Plunge

Sales of Moderna’s mRNA ‘vaccine’ fell a whopping 91% in the first quarter compared to last year. Sales to Moderna’s government customers have now fallen from $1.9 billion last year to only $167 million for the current fiscal year. And although its CEO claimed Moderna is no one-trick pony, it currently has no other shipping products; it just has a bunch of in-trial products in the regulatory pipeline.