CO2 In Decline Graph

CO2 In Decline Graph

Major Climate Change Graph

Carbon dioxide has been draining away over the ages and a recent recovery to 410ppm may not be enough. Long-term decline could hit 150ppm once the warm Holocene ends. It fell to 180ppm only 10K yrs ago. A collapse in CO2 to 150ppm would end life. This is the real peril – not global warming.

Carbon dioxide can’t control the weather or the climate.

Holocene Interglacial

Carbon dioxide can’t control the weather or the climate.

Peter Clack wites: Earth is in the Holocene interglacial. It should last 10K yrs but it’s lasted for 11.7K. For 2.59M yrs of the Pleistocene Ice Age much of Europe/Nth America was frozen under glaciers. A 100K glacial is now due. Carbon dioxide can’t control the weather or the climate. It’s a hoax.

Climate Emergency Not Supported by Data, Say Four Leading Italian Scientists

Cyclone Frequency

Well-researched, fact-driven, credible scientific papers such as this are crucial in the battle to stop green activists and rentiers having a free run to catastrophise every bad weather event in the interest of promoting a command-and-control Net Zero agenda. Attempting to attribute single weather events to humans burning fossil fuels is the product of feverish imaginations and ‘garbage in, garbage out’ climate models. Rational, evidence-based science should be promoted at every opportunity.

More on the Global Warming Communism by the Back Door Scam

The World Of Co2 No 12


Peter Clack writes: Global warming is a relentless propaganda campaign led by marxists in the United Nations & elsewhere. It’s an immense gravy train & a scam, a grab for greed & power, hoax on a global scale. It’s all fake science. More carbon dioxide will not cause warming – even if it doubled.

Climate Disaster Predictions – Forty-One To Zero

Climate Disaster Predictions - Forty-One To Zero

Margaret Elliot wrote on MeWe: China is building 90 coal plants…..this is ridiculous…….their whole narrative can be stopped with this one phrase……CLIMATE CHANGE ONLY WORKS IF EVERYONE PLAYS THE GAME……since WE can’t control China, North Korea, the entire middle east, etc., it’s just another way for politicians to line their pockets with OUR money. Just like they’ve been doing for years……