The US Constitution

I saw this quote from one of America’s founding fathers, who well foresaw future problems, and thought to share it with you:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

Over the last 75 years America’s religious influence and moral standards have been under relentless attack.

You get a group like psychiatry who come along with the express purpose of destroying the moral fibre of the citizen so they can have unfettered reign over all for the sole puropose of destruction and you can clearly see the source of the problem. If this strikes you as a strange statement then you are uninformed as to psychiatry’s intent and actions. Let me share with you Brock Chisholm’s statement from 75 years ago so you can better understand the source of the degradation this civilization. It has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with the person holding them. Just as accidents are not caused by cars they are caused by drivers.

“The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are that belated objectives of nearly all Psychotherapy.” – Brock Chisholm

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Chisholm

In closing, if you have strayed from the fold, reconnect with your Church. This is not plug for any particular Church, I don’t care what Church you were in, if you have stopped going, reconnect. Religion, not science, was the greatest civilizing influence this planet enjoyed. That’s why it is under so much attack from those who would destroy this civilization.

Of course there will be those who denounce the harms done by various members of religions, and rightly so, but don’t let their harms stop you from creating a better group! You are more powerful and influential than for which you give yourself credit!

Headache Remedy

Headache Remedy

I am blessed, I don’t get headaches, so I can’t speak to this.
If you do get headaches I would be interested to hear from you if this helped.

A girl called Lenochka was evacuated during the blockade of Leningrad.


She was so little and exhausted, that she forgot her last name. She lost a whole family; mother, grandmother, elder brother…

A special group of skinny girls found her – they were going from apartment to apartment during a terrible blockade winter looking for children whose parents had died or were dying…

This is how they discovered Lenochka and could evacuate her. She didn’t remember being carried across the ice with other children in a shaking truck, she didn’t remember getting to the orphanage; she was little. Like a skinny midget with a big head on a thin neck…

And she refused to eat anymore. This is what happens with dystrophy. She was laying in bed or sitting in a chair by the stove. She was getting hot. And she kept her mouth shut. They thought Lenochka would die. Many children died already during the evacuation; severe exhaustion and no strength to live and eat. And to play. And to breathe…

One-legged topper, war veteran uncle Kolja, about twenty years old, unpacked a doll from an old towel. Somehow he cut it, folded it, sewn it and it became an ugly doll. He drew the doll’s eyes and mouth with an indelible pencil. And a crooked nose.

He gave a doll to Lenochka and seriously said:

“You, Lenochka, cradle the doll. And teach her to eat well! You are now a mommy doll. Take good care of her. “

And this Lenochka suddenly grabbed a doll and pressed it together. She began to pet her with thin hands. At dinner, she fed the doll porridge and whispered something loving to her. And in the end, she ate porridge and a piece of bread herself…

And so Lenochka slept with the doll and warmed her by the stove, hugged her, and got upset because of her. Because of an ugly doll made of an old towel with painted eyes …

The girl has survived. Because she couldn’t die; she had to take care of the doll, you know?


For people like this girl was. Who later became a nurse and lived a long life. And her hands were always busy. And she had a heart full of love.

Read the Urgent Letter From 76 Doctors Telling the Government Why the U.S. Decision to Vaccinate Infants Must Not Happen Here

Infant Vaccine

There folows an open letter from 76 medics, scientists and healthcare professionals to the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and other Government officials setting out comprehensive reasons why the recent U.S. FDA decision authorising Covid vaccinations in infants must not happen here.

Read the Urgent Letter From 76 Doctors Telling the Government Why the U.S. Decision to Vaccinate Infants Must Not Happen Here