Once Declared Safe…

Once Declared Safe...
to be added to the list: ChemTrails, nuclear power, depleted uranium munitions, coal seam gas fracking, Glysophate, vaccinations, chemo therapy, statin drugs, sugar, sunscreens, pesticides, MSG, Aspartame, international bankers, politicians…

Dear Parents, Victoria’s Secret Is Also Raising Your Child

This is a great effort and should be widely supported by all who care about not only our own children and grandchildren but all children and in fact the next generation.
But legislation is not the only solution. Education of young minds is vital to enable them to see all sorts of lies for what they are and to enhance their ability to “change the things they cannot accept and accept the things they cannot change”.
The legislation addresses a large and personally destructive lie. Education will increase the child’s ability to think for themselves in all areas.
Understanding the full gamut of motives and intentions, the actions and techniques used to create a perception or attitude, these are skills that we need every election season, in every social situation and workplace.