What you put your attention on, you get

Some very wise people have said that what you put your attention on, you get.
It’s about 35 years ago I first heard “of any 100 people aged 25 now, by the time they get to age 65, 1 will be rich, 4 will be independently wealthy, 5 will still be working, 27 will be dead and 63 will be broke” and that those figures pretty well reflected how well those people had envisaged their goals. The top 1% had clearly defined, written goals. 4% had clearly defined goals but not written etc.
A clear example known to nearly all of us is Walt Disney. He dreamed for years of a theme park where families could spend quality timne together. He travelled America looking for funding while he was bankrupt. Despite many setbacks, Walt focused on his dream and did the things each day to bring it about.
He believed that once you visualise what it is you want to attain, the things you need to accomplish it will be attracted to you. He focused on how to accomplish it rather than why he would not be able to attain it.
So, if we acceopt as a truth that you get what you put your attention on, how much time last week did you put your attention on attaining spectacular health?
That little, huh?
Despite the fact that most people live a far shorter and less vibrantly healthy life than they should, very few people deliberately set out to be sick and unhealthy.
Most of what happens to most people is the result of them failing to set a specific, clearly defined, written goal then planning and working towards attaining what they want.
Now that you know this, what you are doing today to maintain abundant energy and attain spectacular health?
This week, what subtle but significant changes will you make to your diet and lifestyle to improve your survival potential?
Let me know if this was useful to you will you?