Aftermath of Denver Colorado Shooting

One of my US friends posted this on Facebook.
I agree wholeheartedly with his condolences and expressions of sympathy to the victims and their families and friends, his observations of a lack of personal integrity and warnings of what is to come.
??? OUR (U.S.) 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT ???
I so agree with the following post by my friend Erik Wilson that I’m posting it here in full, as written.
“I want to first express my condolences and sympathies to those who lost loved ones in Denver last night, and my prayers for those who were injured.
“I don’t want to appear insensitive, but I’m saying this as a warning of what is to come. This incident will be seized upon for political means, hard. Right now many of you heard about the UN small arms treaty that Hillary has been working towards getting the USA to sign. I expect either a silent signing of it before Monday, OR, if they choose to do it the “legal” method via congress/senate, a vote on it by then as well (as anyone who doesn’t sign it would be blackballed so hard via media it wouldn’t be funny).
“You will hear lots of buzz words. “The children who lost their lives”. “This must be done to preserve the lives of our children and childrens children”. “This senseless massacre of defenseless children must not be allowed to happen again!”, and many more of the like.
DO NOT FALL PREY TO THE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. This will cause you to fall directly into the reaction trap! Just like with 9/11, this will be used to strong arm something politically that we will ALL regret.
“I heard an interview with one of the survivors. She said the gunman calmly walked through, even pushing people out of his way to shoot at others. She said he used “the gun” (Assuming the shotgun) to push her aside… wtf? Dozens of people were within arms reach of this guy, and not a SINGLE person thought to try to grab the gun? Not a single person had a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon)? A DAMNED KNIFE??
“Like sheep to the slaughter, our population has been raised to be reliant upon someone else. I bet if looked deep enough, every. single. one. of those people who came close to him thought “I can’t do anything, it’s someone elses job!” or “Someone should really do something about this, but not me!”.
“2~3 decades ago or longer, he would have been tackled by the entirety of the front row in that theater. Sacrifice, honor and integrity were still alive then in the populace. Now we have a nation of cowards, and the inactions of hundreds in that single instance proves that.
“I Figure I’ll grab some degree of flak over this post, but I felt it needed to be made now, as a warning of what is to come.”

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