Former PM Fraser warns Australia's history of dependence on Anglo-Americans risks war with China; calls for independence, national economic development

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has used the release of his book, Dangerous Allies, to again intervene in the British-Obama war drive against China [being run in parallel with their dangerous targeting of Russia—Ed], which in the past he has warned carries the grave risk of nuclear war. Mr Fraser is insisting that Australia will be drawn into such a war, whether we like it or not, unless, as a nation, we assert our own sovereignty, and break with our historical dependence upon Britain and America. The former PM also called for Australia to embark upon a course of national economic development, through great infrastructure projects, in order to be able to significantly increase Australia’s population, which will help Australia assert a more independent foreign policy. Mr Fraser’s comments were reported in the 25 April Sydney Morning Herald, which includes a must-see 16-minute interview with Robert Manne.

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