Your mobile phone is the NEW DIGITAL ID!

I believe that the Digital ID for EVERYONE is well underway in the form of Two Step Verification where logins for banks and government website is required.

The first step is to identify yourself via login details which, for most people, involves giving their email address. The second is usually by receiving an email or text link which comes to, your mobile phone.

Why is this important? Because your mobile phone:

1) Has a unique identifier in the form of an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). EVERY mobile phone has one.

2) Every mobile phone is location trackable.

3) If you use your phone for logging in to websites, government or otherwise, and perform actions or transactions, you have automatically linked every one of those to your mobile phone, your email address AND EVERY OTHER ACCOUNT YOU HAVE THAT IS ALSO LINKED TO THOSE TWO THINGS. You have also linked them all to your geographic location AT ANY GIVEN TIME THAT YOUR PHONE IS ON.

Do you get the idea?

Your mobile phone is the NEW DIGITAL ID!

From Jay Lawrence

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