Stop Gas Industry Bailouts

Stop Gas Industry Bailouts

BREAKING: Morrison’s Crooked Covid Commission just recommended billions for a pointless and polluting gas pipeline.

Under the cover of a global pandemic, Scott Morrison set up the National Coordination COVID-19 Commission stacked with his mates from the gas industry1.

And surprise surprise, they’ve just unveiled a wish list that includes billions of dollars in bailout for a polluting gas pipeline2. More taxpayer money for polluting projects that have few jobs and no future.

But we know we can stop it, because we’ve done it before. That’s why tens of thousands of GetUp members and allies joined together to stop a $1 billion bailout for an Adani rail line.

If we join together again to create a massive public outcry, we can stop this bailout too.

Can you add your name to end public bailouts for the gas industry?