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Health Australia Party policy on EMR
Posted on May 15, 2019 by Stop Smart Meters Australia
SSMA and its members have approached a number of political parties in an effort to secure policies that reduce public exposure to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

It seems that for the forthcoming Federal election on 18th May, the Health Australia Party (HAP) is the only party to have a policy on EMR – and a very good one at that!

If you haven’t yet cast your vote, you might like to review the HAP’s EMR Pollution policy. This is articulated in code 3.3.1 of the HAP Full Policies document available on this webpage

The current version of the policy states that:

“The HAP supports the following initiatives which are needed due to the changing electromagnetic environment in which we live.

(a) Adopting the precautionary approach regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields;

(b) Designing, building and wiring buildings so as to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields;

(c) Requiring new radiation-emitting technologies, including 5G, to be demonstrated to be safe for all members of society before their introduction to the market/rollout across Australia;

(d) Requiring the Australian standard for radiation protection (RPS3) to be updated to accommodate new research showing harmful biological effects of non-heating levels of exposure;

(e) Requiring an Australian standard for power frequency electromagnetic fields that reduces public exposure to the 4 mG associated with the doubling of childhood leukemia and classified as a Class 2B carcinogen (current exposure level is 2000 mG);

(f) Requiring all radiation-emitting devices to carry the notice: ‘This device emits radiofrequency radiation. Use with caution’;

(g) Requiring all research be undertaken by independent researchers;

(h) A public education campaign informing people about safer technology use.”

The HAP also released an ‘Official Statement on Electromagnetic Radiation & 5G’ on 27th April 2019. The link for the document is:

The Health Australia Party is indeed worthy of your number 1 vote in the Senate.

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