Good Grief NO! NOT MORE Fracking!

Dear Tom,
Did you know that since 2010, NSW has increased its coal production by more than the controversial Adani mine in Central Queensland would produce? Digging all that coal has come at the expense of rural villages, rivers, farmland and Sydney’s own drinking water catchment.
We can’t allow the damage to continue. Today, we launch a campaign to choose a new future for New South Wales. There’s a state election coming in March 2019 and this is our time to choose clean energy, clean air and clean water. Can you help?
We’ve launched a report this morning showing that ten new and expanding coal mines in New South Wales will together produce more coal, take up more land and use more water than Adani’s controversial Queensland mine.
As well as expanding coal mining, New South Wales is considering letting Santos drill 850 coal seam gas wells through a water recharge aquifer of the Great Artesian Basin. It will turn the beautiful Pilliga forest into an industrial gasfield.
We think it’s #Time2Choose clean water, clean air and clean energy. But it’s going to take you and your networks to make it happen.
Around the state, people are voting in the People’s Referendum on Coal and Gas. In March, we will rally in the centre of Sydney, calling on all our politicians to choose a better future for our state.
Will you join the campaign and be part of making this historic choice for New South Wales?
We don’t need to let coal seam gas ruin the Pilliga. We don’t need ten new coal mines rivalling Adani’s coal mine in scale and impact.
We can choose a new approach, but we’ve got to do it together.
Are you in?
Thanks for everything,
P.S. New South Wales is at a crossroads. We have abundant clean water, rich soils and warm communities, but it’s all at risk with the expansion of damaging coal and gas mining. Let’s turn it around.
Lock the Gate Alliance

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