The Evil of Mandatory Health Measures

Mandatory health measures (testing, masks, social distancing, lockdowns, people limits, area and travel restrictions and vaccinations) are a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, Magna Carta, The Nuremberg Code, the Universal Declartion on Medical Bioethics and Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, The Helsinki Agreement and the US Constitution.

Mandatory health measures are symptomatic of totalitatarian tyranny, suppressing the right of the individual to make an informed, self determined decision about their own body and medical treatments.

Mandatory Medical Prevention, Diagnosis or Therapeutic Intervention Violates These

This document lists the title, URL a brief description and relevant text of a series of articles written at various times down through the ages that confirm the right of the individual to make informed, self-determined choices about what to do to preserve their health and life.

At present we have on the one hand those recognising “the freedom of the individual” standing against dark forces, “the arbitrary authority of the despot”.

It is well past time we as a people relearned the lessons of the past and reaffirmed the right and responsibility of all individuals to make such choices as they deem fit and to respect the rights of others without “attacks upon his honour and reputation”.

It is far too easy for spurious commercial motivations to be hidden and enshrouded in glowing pretensions of care for the health of others to forsake our individual rights for some fancied protection for the weaker among us.

Every benefit comes at a price. An honest cost/benefit analysis intelligently assesses the trade-off between the cost and the benefit of each option. History has shown us that the benefit of mandated and coerced compliance to the dictates of a central authority come at the cost of personal liberty and time and again the majority have, sometimes belatedly, recognised it as too high a price to pay.

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The Unpublished Maxims of Tyrants and Would Be Tyrants

As I was reading the history of Magna Carta it occured to me that not a lot has altered down through the millenia. Tyrants have always wanted more power, control and money and most people just want to get on with their lives until they are so hampered by the tyrants that they rebel.

So much so that I am considering writing another book, “The Unpublished Maxims of Tyrants and Would Be Tyrants”.

Got the first 11 chapters sorted and I am sure you could help me round out the titles of the firt 50.

Chapter 1. Suppress free speech and criticism of you and your agenda.

Chapter 2. Progressively gather as much power unto thine self as possible.

Chapter 3. Weaken the power of your enemies and rivals.

Chapter 4. Gradually increase the taxation and compliance burden and economic duress on the populace so they have no free time to foment rebellion or protest.

Chapter 5. Regularly invent or stage or have staged real or imagined emergencies so the population will surrender more liberties in exchange for safety.

Chapter 6. When about to enact legislation that might otherwise be objected to, have an attention occupying distration well planned to grease the wheels. (Never a bad idea to have a couple of these up your sleeve at all times.)

Chapter 7. Learn the fine art of pursuasion, specifically being able to spin a positve benefit on any loss of liberty or freedom.

Chapter 8. Get evidence of the wrong doings of your enemies and potential rivals and have it ready for use when the need arises.

Chapter 9. Cultivate a band of rabid adherents willing to do anything you ask.

Chapter 10. Dole out money to create a dependence on your administration.

Chapter 11. Infiltrate all rival groups to gain intelligence and control the opposition.

COVID Vax Deaths

COVID Vax Deaths

And so it starts…

Well, they did warn us to expect deaths after the vaccine to older folks, “as they would have died anyway”.

Flu Seasons Graph

Flu Seasons Graph

I wonder what sort of a similarity would occur if you took the comorbidity deaths out of the COVID deaths, combined the COVID and flu stats then reported those?