This applies in the US, No data on Oz.

Shared by a friend:
……”For those who cannot wear a mask Steve Bashirs wife has spoken to an ADA attorney and constitutional attorney on these ever-increasing issues we are witnessing on film on our feeds.
Here is the final say:
When you enter a store without a mask, and an employee states you must wear a mask, you MUST STATE you have a medical or religious exemption from wearing a mask.
Once you make this qualifying statement every clerk, sales associate, manager, team leader, cashier, anyone who is working at a store or shop is required by law to allow you to enter and shop hassle free.
It doesn’t matter what province, county, city.There is no “mask law.”
IF the employee CONTINUES the conversation in any way, YOU WALK AWAY.
You then file a CIVIL CHARGE against the employee or employees who are forcing you to wear a mask after you have qualified your exemption.
This really isn’t that difficult people.There are fines, prison sentences and serious consequences for clerks who make $8/hour impersonating PPE OSHA specialists, doctors and law enforcement officers.
Because that is what the store clerk is doing: they are impersonating those experts.
They are also violating your HIPAA protections as well as your constitutional protections.
When you leave the store don’t worry about names, the police you go to to file charges with against the employee will do the investigation for you. They will find the name of the employee or employees and they will serve them.
You can also get a lawyer. If you have a disability, get a disability lawyer. If you have a religious exemption you get a constitutional lawyer
There is no mask law.
Businesses will never ever get shut down for not closing or not endorsing a mask suggestion. It’s simply store policy and store policy does not trump constitutional or HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canada) protections.
Stop caring what people think. Stop being victims.
There are judges waiting at the ready to side with you.
Lawyers waiting to help you. And despite these intimidating cops in the video, sheriffs that are ready to file civil charges against people impersonating them.
Why is this hard to understand?”

Chinese Seeds Season

Chinese Seeds Season

For thos of you who do not spend too much time on social media you may not have seen that some people are receiving from China unsolicited packets of seeds, hence some fast wag created this.

The Case of Human Rights Lawyer Steven Donziger

Join special guests Roger Waters, anti-corruption fighter Simon Taylor, and other human rights leaders for an online webinar to support lawyer Steven Donziger on Thursday, August 6th at noon EDT.

Steven has been in arbitrary detention without trial for one year on a misdemeanor charge after he helped Ecuadorian Indigenous and farming communities win a historic $9.5b pollution judgment against Chevron.

August 6th is the one-year anniversary of his unprecedented house arrest in New York after he refused to comply with an illegal order that he turn over his computer and cell phone to Chevron.

A major new action will be announced to support Steven and the fight of the communities to force Chevron to comply with the rule of law and clean its “Amazon Chernobyl” disaster.

G&B Lawyers Win

A small win for Victorians who work at and or want to visit people at a “care facility”. Under the Care Facilities Direction (No 8), issued on 22 July 2020, you DO NOT need to have a flu vaccination to work at or visit people at a “care facility”.

Let’s see all other States and Territories follow suit.

This is a victory for those who push back against tyranny.

A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapiues

There were a total of 107 patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Thirtyfour were tested for SARS-CoV-2(32%) and twenty-seven (25%) tested positive. Three were hospitalized (3%) with two of the three hospitalized before instituting treatment and only one requiring hospitalization after beginning treatment. There were no deaths.

Are Suds Worth Cancer?

Are Suds Worth Cancer?

Although, the health hazards of sulfates have been pointed out in other articles, it is worth re-visiting since products using sulfates continue to sell like fast food cheeseburgers. The message is not getting through. Are chemicals necessary in grooming and household products? Absolutely not. How important is it for you to have bubbly soap and shampoo? Are you willing to expose yourself to a known human carcinogen for foamy suds?

GMOs Revealed Screening

This morning in my email inbox I received a this weekend only offer. It is for the GMOs revealed films.

If you missed this series the first time, it is simply one of the best educations you can get on GMOs. Jeffrey Smith from Institute for Responsible Technology is featured alongside Zen Honeycutt, Mike Adams, Joseph Mercola, and Zach Bush among others.

They have also added a CRITICAL UPDATE connecting GMOs and the current crisis.

But it’s only open for the weekend, so schedule some time to watch this excellent series!

Here is the link: