Ablechild June Update

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Ablechild June Update
“Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world, it is the only thing that ever has.”
June Ablechild Report to Members Sponsored by
Dear Ablechild Members:
June was an interesting, if not enlightening, month. As many of you are aware, Ablechild long has been pushing to get reports released by various special commissions and task forces set up in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. Ablechild believes – hopes – these reports may shed some light on the mental health history of Adam Lanza and, subsequently, shed some light on the motive for the attack.
In mid-June the Task Force to Study the Provisions of Behavioral Health Services for Young Adults was released and, as expected, no part of the 60-odd page report provides any information about the type of mental health treatment Lanza may have received in the years leading up to the shooting. Ablechild finds this completely unacceptable. The reason is simple. This Task Force was set up as part of the costly mental health legislation in Connecticut, which was passed in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, but nothing in this report addresses Adam Lanza’s mental health treatment.
This Task Force made 47 recommendations, 42 of which benefit the psychiatric and drug industries. Because Adam Lanza’s mental health history was not part of the Task Force’s consideration when coming up with its recommendations, it seems clear to Ablechild that increasing mental health is the agenda and Sandy Hook is the ruse to make it happen. To date, there has been no interest by those tasked with making mental health recommendations in the state to even consider whether or not Adam Lanza received appropriate mental health care.
Ablechild still looks forward to two additional reports that have yet to see the light of day: The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission and the State Child Advocates Office. Both groups should have delivered these reports by now. Although Ablechild has little hope, based on information leaked to the press, that either report will address the mental health of Adam Lanza, we are, nevertheless, eager to review both and will let our Members know when they are released.
This is important information that should be made public. Ablechild’s work is about informed consent – that parents know their rights when it comes to psychiatric diagnosing and psychiatric drugging. What happened at Sandy Hook should be of interest to all because it is being used as the reason for the mental health industry to further encroach on your rights. This is why Ablechild needs your continued support.
Also during the month of June, Ablechild produced several articles, dealing with a host of issues affecting families. All of these articles are easily accessible on our website. We were pleased that Mad In America picked up our piece: The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission and the Evidence of a “Convicted Offender.”
Ablechild was a guest on several radio shows during the month, including the Dr. Randy Hansbrough Show out of Stuart, Florida and The Walter Davis Progress in the World Show. Click on the links to hear Ablechild co-founder, Sheila Matthews interviews.
Ablechild also attended the Connecticut Press Conference regarding the release of the report by the Task Force to Study the Provisions of Behavioral Health Services for Young Adults, where co-founder Sheila Matthews asked tough questions about the Task Force’s failure to include any data regarding Adam Lanza’s mental health treatment. The Task Force’s unwillingness to address these important issues, that will impact your safety and your child’s rights, did not stop it from recommending to “…provide aggressive outpatient services, “shy of forced medication.”
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Ablechild is pleased to report that the June Update is sponsored by Ablechild Member, Rick Gabrielly and his website, Take a look below why Rick supports
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Thank You!!
The Ablechild Team
With Rick’s consent, Ablechild is pleased to post his recent correspondence.
Why I Support
As a child in elementary school my own early experiences were difficult. I had a hard time focusing and back in the 60s they labeled me hyperactive. School was a challenge which at times just felt boring but at other times it was painful.
My teachers didn’t understand so most of the time I was either writing 1000 times “I will not disrupt the class” or I was sitting in exile until I could control myself. Actually I felt like I was controlling myself.
By the time I hit my late 20s I was self-diagnosed ADHD. When I did seek the help of my doctors they quickly prescribed meds like Adderall and Depakote. This was terrible. I was speeding on the Adderall and lethargic with swollen ankles on the Depakote.
I decided to manage my life through my own methods. It was not easy. But it was better than being medicated. At least my life was my own. I managed my schedule differently, radically changed my work life, and built a system for living that was tailored to my personality and special gifts.
Fast-forward to 1994 and Carol and I are having our first baby. When Alex was born we were like any first-time parents. Concerned. Worried. Basically freaked out about everything. Especially when he started to go to school. All my fears came back up. I basically relived my experiences through Alex.
We were lucky that Carol was able to nourish and champion all Alex’s school challenges from nursery school all the way through college. And she did an amazing job. Without medication.
Alex is a healthy, vibrant, compassionate, loving 20-year-old with tons of gifts and a great attitude. We also have a second son Max born in 2000 who has had a much easier time both in school and socially.
So we are blessed to have dodged the bullet so to speak. We never had to face what some parents are faced with on a daily basis. I am so grateful for our good fortune and I support to help other parents and children gain access to the resources, tools and funding they need to conquer their personal and family challenges.
A large part of my work is devoted to helping families communicate better about life’s challenges.
If you are suffering and think you are alone with your parenting challenges the only other person who knows what you are going through is your spouse.
Sometimes there’s just no relief.
The tendency is to shut everyone else out especially your spouse. However, this is really the most critical time to deepen your connection and improve your relationship.
I support and celebrate “Parent Advocacy” and I am a defender against drugs, pills, the medical establishment and ignorance. As a board certified health coach I seek opportunities to collaborate and support other voices in the community to help get its message out further.
Through my program “The Marriage Buzz” I help families, especially moms, cope with parenting, school and financial issues every day. The strain put on our marriages, families and communities is devastating and increasing because of these issues.
As a visionary, I see so much potential for collaboration between “The Marriage Buzz” and this wonderful organization. I look forward to supporting Sheila and in their mission.
Rick Gabrielly