10 Nutritional Deficiencies That Cause Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and mood disorders are devastating health problems today. When you go to your doctor, their answer is often a prescription for one of the various popular anti-depressant drugs. Many doctors do not investigate for metabolic or nutritional deficiencies that may be the ‘real problem’ for your depression. Patients have no idea why they feel so awful or where to start looking for the answer. They expect their doctor to give them real solutions. Instead they get drugs as the easy fix. Drugs are not an easy fix because of the serious side effects that come with taking them. Doctors prescribe these drugs from information they get from the drug sales rep which often is only part-truth. The side effects and dangers of these drugs are down-played or left out altogether.

My Thoughts on Offshoring

I just received another solicitation for me to offshore my administrative tasks “for up to 70% off” what I would pay to have them performed locally. It’s a good thing I can still put food on the table and maintain my integrity. I was able to respond like this:
G’day Glenn,
Using a person’s first name got you a response. Most don’t do that so it makes it very easy to just hit the delete button.
I think it is important to balance making a $ with one’s social responsibilities
And I don’t see how it is socially responsible for me to sack an employee here in Australia and give that work to someone overseas in order for me to make more money or to sell my product at a cheaper price so someone else can report a better profit at the end of the year.
I think there is a large element of unfairness in buying labour at an artificially low price and selling one’s product in markets that can afford the higher price.
In view of the fact that globalisation as a concept was formulated to make every country interdependent and unable to stand on their own two feet and resist the pressures of the criminal elite in charge of the international banking system and the fact that Australia is deeply in debt as a result of treasonously gross mismanagement by politicians elected to represent the people, I think it behooves me to politely decline your offer.
All the best.
Tom Grimshaw