Heart Attack Symptoms for Women

Interestingly, numbness and chest pain are typical male symptoms of heart attack that women may not experience. Here are the typical symptoms women experience just before or during a heart attack:
• Fatigue
• Sleeplessness or insomnia
• Anxiety and stress, sometimes described as a feeling of “impending doom”
• Indigestion, nausea or heartburn
• Shortness of breath
• Flu-like symptoms
• Jaw, ear, neck, or shoulder pain

The Optimal Condition for a Body

Here’s a freebie for you from my new book…
In my opinion, the optimal condition for a body would include the following:
Starting each day feeling well rested and fully re-energised
Going through the day without peaks and troughs in your mental capacity or physical energy, capable of being fully productive for 16 hours
Mentally alert with good recall on persons, data and events, with high capacity to quick absorb, remember and apply new data in any field of interest
Able to competently execute all physical and mental tasks relevant to your age, gender, build and lifestyle
Maintaining a fully functioning body that delivers a healthy life without degenerative disease for 4-6 times the growth period
To live a healthy life for 4-6 times the growth period puts our lifespan somewhere between 100 and 150 years of age.
That being the case, how are we being short changed?