Facts of Life – Drug Companies

Most people are mostly honest. Being honest they are often not suspicious of the motives of others. They listen to the news and read the papers believing what they are told, they buy groceries at the supermarket and assume it will feed them, they mostly assume all is as it seems, it is mostly well with the world. Unfortunately, this kills them. I don’t say this to be dramatic. It is literally the truth.
Why is there so much societal pressure to get rid of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements from the establishment?
Drug companies want to make money.
They make money by you taking their vaccines and drugs, whether or not they work or not, whether or not they harm, maim or kill.
They get you to administer their vaccinations to your kids by playing on your desire as a parent to do what is best for your children and help them avoid sickness.
They get you to take their drugs by teaching the medical profession to prescribe them when you are sick or by making you think you are sick so you asking for a “cure”.
Is it profitable for them to cure you?
Is it profitable for them to promote natural cures?
Is it profitable for them to suppress natural cures?
Is it profitable for them if you are healthy?
Is it profitable if a drug “cures” you?
It is most profitable for them to have you on multiple medications from conception to the grave.
Would someone who wanted to profit from selling you a false hope tell you they were going to tell you lies?
Would they tell lies about the perceived or real “competition” to get you to buy their false cure?
If you were an unethical drug company executive and you wanted to increase your company’s profits, would you:
Exert a little financial pressure to legislate out of existence the more beneficial “competition” from natural therapies?
Pressure researchers to fudge the results of their “scientific” studies in your favour?
Hide negative research results when submitting applications for a new drug to the regulatory authority?
You bet your health they do.

Dick Smith Has A New Book Out

Advocating population reduction.
I vote that every genocidal maniac who advocates population reduction instead of using intelligence to solve the problems lead by example and immediately take themselves out of the population pool.
Most constructive thing they could do all round.