On Food

Someone asked if eating too many cruciferous vegetables was not good for you. I though you might get some benefit from my reply.
Probably my most senior stable datum on the subject of diet is that every spirit, mind, body combination is unique so there is no “one menu fits all”.
My next most senior stable datum is that because every nut has a different health benefit, every fruit has a different health benefit, every vegetable has a different health benefit, if you are eating a wide enough range of foods you probably don’t have enough of any one thing to suffer from an excess of it! 🙂
According to Dr Mark Anderson of The Calcium Lie II, most of us only eat about 20 different foods. And they are the same 20 foods our parents ate. So if you want to have a pretty good prediction of your future health, look at your parents!
If that is not an attractive enough picture, get smart, change your diet! Eat a wider variety of more nutrient rich foods. www.whfoods.com is a good resource. Check it out!