New Proof You Can Fight Cancer with Foods

Kathy was 41 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of inflammatory breast cancer… so rare that it makes up only one out of a hundred breast cancer cases. Worse yet, the survival rate is very low. Kathy, the mother of two young girls, was given only 21 months to live.
So she started an aggressive battle to fight the disease. Her treatment included conventional surgery, chemo and radiation.
But Kathy’s fight became more complicated. A year into her treatment, she found out she had developed another problem – a rare and aggressive type of tumor in her head and neck.
And eventually, Kathy’s organs started to deteriorate. Both her lungs and heart were damaged by the toxic drugs and pills she had to pump through her body. And to make matters worse, the treatments weren’t working.
Then one day, a radical decision came to her while she was meditating…
“I told my oncologist that I’m done with that protocol because one way or another, I’m going to die. And I don’t want to go that way,” Kathy described her decision later. So against her doctor’s advice, Kathy stopped the treatments and let nature run its course.
And that’s when things started to get interesting…
A diet that stops cancer
Kathy had begun eating an anti-angiogenic diet. As you may know, angiogenesis is the medical term for the process your body uses to create new blood vessels.
Your body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels. And your ability to create new ones is important at certain times, such as when you’re growing or when your body needs to heal.
Your body regulates angiogenesis with different chemicals that trigger or block the process. When things go the way they should, it’s only triggered when it’s needed.
But it’s possible for the process to get knocked out of whack. And when it does, diseases develop. In fact, the Angiogenesis Foundation says defective angiogenesis is a factor in at least 74 diseases including age-related blindness, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of ulcers. And it’s a critical component of tumors and cancer.
In order for tumors and cancer to grow and spread, they need oxygen and nutrients. They get these from nearby blood vessels. And the more oxygen and nutrients they have access to, the more aggressive the disease will be. So tumors trick your body by sending out chemical signals that activate angiogenesis.
Angiogenesis inhibitors work, but…
That’s why doctors may use angiogenesis inhibitors to fight cancer. And there are a number of drugs now being used in treatments, with even more in clinical trials. But they only work on certain types of cancer. Plus, they come with a host of nasty side effects, as pharmaceuticals usually do.
In the case of angiogenesis inhibitors, those side effects include blood clots that lead to stroke or heart attack, hypertension, and brain disorders. And that’s just some of them.1
But research shows drugs aren’t the only way to block angiogenesis. Your diet can, too. And it can be very effective. Kathy is proof. Her diet, along with meditation, Reiki, and visualization cured her cancer. And 13 years later, she’s still cancer-free. In fact, researchers at Harvard will be taking a closer look at Kathy’s remarkable results as part of an upcoming study.
Blocking angiogenesis, either with drugs or diet, can help people with cancer. But why wait until there’s a problem? The fact is, if you make anti-angiogenesis foods part of your lifestyle, you could greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer in the first place.
It’s “normal” to have cancer cells
The Journal of Oncology published a report with some alarming statistics. It said if you’re around 50 years old, there’s a good chance you have cancer cells in you now. If you’re 70 or older, it’s almost guaranteed. These cancer cells aren’t necessarily caused by outside influences.2
In fact, it’s normal for cancer cells to develop during the cell replication process that happens in our bodies every minute of every day. So it’s very common for adults, and even children, to have cancer cells in their bodies and not be sick. This has been confirmed from autopsies performed on people who were healthy before they died in accidents.
The researchers who performed these autopsies made these surprising discoveries…
They found 40% of women who were 40 to 50 years old when they died had cancer cells in their breasts. And 50% of men between 50 and 60 years old had cancer cells in their prostates. There’s more: The researchers believe that by age 70, everyone has microscopic cancers in their thyroid.
And yet most of these cancers never become a problem. They just live out their cell life and eventually die. But if angiogenesis is triggered, the disease takes hold.
If this is the mechanism, it makes sense that if we can prevent angiogenesis from starting, there’s a good chance those cancer cells we all have won’t become a problem. And that’s where eating the right foods comes in.
Some researchers believe blocking angiogenesis with our diet is the best way to reduce the prevalence of cancer. If they’re right, it’s a huge discovery, because at the rate things are going now, it’s estimated that one person out of every three will have cancer at some point during their life. That’s why the research around angiogenesis-blocking foods is so exciting.
So what foods block angiogenesis?
The Angiogenesis Foundation that I mentioned earlier started the “Eat to Beat Cancer” initiative. Part of this initiative involves researching foods for their ability to block angiogenesis.
If you’re a regular reader, you won’t be surprised to hear the best foods are mostly the ones that make up the Mediterranean diet – fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, olive oil, seafood, legumes, nuts and seeds. Also included are certain foods typical in Asian diets such as green tea, miso, and soy.
And here’s where this gets really exciting. The researchers at the foundation are looking at how to pair specific foods with their ability to target specific cancers!
For example, studies show cinnamon is particularly effective at blocking angiogenesis in melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer.3 For prostate cancer, the food of choice is cranberries.4 And in the case of breast cancer, flaxseed blocks angiogenesis. In fact, a study done in Finland and Sweden showed some remarkable results.
The study involved healthy premenopausal women. When these women added 25 grams – a bit less than an ounce — of ground flaxseed to their daily diet, the level of endostatin increased in their breast tissue. Endostatin is one of our body’s angiogenesis blockers. And what was so surprising was the flaxseed worked just as well as the drug tamoxifen, which many women take both to treat breast cancer and prevent its return.5
Combinations of certain foods may work even better
Researchers studying the anti-angiogenesis powers of food believe it’s even possible to pinpoint which varieties of a type of food might work better. Or to combine foods in a way that makes them more effective.
For instance, researchers looked at different types of teas including Chinese jasmine, Japanese sencha, and Earl Grey. The Earl Grey tea has almost double the amount of anti-angiogenic potency as the other two. But when the researchers created their own blend of tea, the anti-angiogenic properties were even higher than the Earl Grey.
So maybe someday soon smart food companies will look at ways to create anti-angiogenesis food lines. Or maybe it will become an option on food delivery services, just as they now offer paleo or gluten free.
I suspect these healthy foods do more to stop cancer than merely inhibiting angiogenesis. Other research shows that foods and nutrients with anticancer properties work in a variety of ways.
Best regards,
Lee Euler,

Tea Health Benefits: Why Tea (and Particularly Green Tea) Could Be One of The Healthiest Beverages in The World

There are four types of tea: green, white, black, and oolong. All of these are derived from the same plant, and all are being studied for their considerable health-giving properties.
Of the four types, green tea seems to be the most healthful.
Dried green tea leaves are about 40% polyphenols by weight. Both green and white teas contain the most EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Extortion Attempt

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The big one: how environmental killing becomes a medical disease

“To handle all that [pig-farm feces] waste, farmers in North Carolina use a standard practice called the lagoon and spray field system. They flush feces and urine from barns into open-air pits called lagoons, which turn the color of Pepto-Bismol when pink-colored bacteria colonize the waste. To keep the lagoons from overflowing, farmers spray liquid manure on their fields nearby. The result, says Steve Wing, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is this: ‘The eastern part of North Carolina is covered with shit’.” —National Geographic, 10/30/14
The above quote describes corporate pig farming around the world.
In order to carry out this operation, giant companies like Smithfield have influenced legislators and government-agency officials. Environmental laws and regulations are ignored, or changed. Lawsuits are fought, hammer and tongs.
Here is what Robert F Kennedy Jr. told radio interviewer, Rachel Lewis Hilburn on 6/3/16: “…a hog produces ten times the amount of fecal waste by weight as a human being, so if you have a facility that has ten thousand hogs in it, it’s producing as much sewage as a city of a hundred thousand people. Smithfield has one plant in Utah—they call it Circle Four Farms—that has a million hogs on it, so it’s producing the same amount of waste as New York City every day.”
Here is Kennedy’s kicker:
“There’s no difference between hog waste and human waste in terms of its danger to human health. They [Smithfield and other giant corporate pig operations] ought to have to have a sewage treatment plant that cleans it up. And yet, if they had to build that sewage treatment plan, it would drive the price of hogs up so that they could no longer function in the marketplace… they ought to have to build sewage treatment facilities but nobody’s making them do that because they have used political clout…”
All right, that’s a bit of background. Now I’m going to shift to the subject of Swine Flu, the phony epidemic of 2009.
Where did it start?

Humans are Getting Dumber – IQ Scores Dropping About 7 Points Per Generation, Study Finds

July 27, 2018 birthofanewearthblog
A pair of researchers with the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Norway has found that IQ test scores have been slowly dropping over the past several decades. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Bernt Bratsberg and Ole Rogeberg describe their study and the results they found. They also offer some possible explanations for their findings.
Prior studies have shown that people grew smarter over the first part of last century, as measured by the intelligence quotient—a trend that was dubbed the Flynn effect. Various theories have been proposed to explain this apparent brightening of the human mind, such as better nutrition, health care, education, etc, all factors that might help people grow into smarter adults than they would have otherwise. But, now, according to the researchers in Norway, that trend has ended. Instead of getting smarter, humans have started getting dumber.
The study by the team consisted of analyzing IQ test results from young men entering Norway’s national service (compulsory military duty) during the years 1970 to 2009. In all, 730,000 test results were accounted for. In studying the data, the researchers found that scores declined by an average of seven points per generation, a clear reversal of test results going back approximately 70 years.
But it was not all bad news. The researchers also found some differences between family groups, suggesting that some of the decline might be due to environmental factors. But they also suggest that lifestyle changes could account for some of the decline, as well, such as changes in the education system and children reading less and playing video games more. Sadly, other researchers have found similar results. A British team recently found IQ score results falling by 2.5 to 4.3 points every decade since approximately the end of the second world war. And this past December, another group from the U.S. found that children who grew up eating a lot of fish tended to have higher IQs—and they slept better, too, which is another factor involved in adult intelligence levels. Notably, children in many countries in the modern era eat very little fish.
More information: Bernt Bratsberg et al. Flynn effect and its reversal are both environmentally caused, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1718793115
Population intelligence quotients increased throughout the 20th century—a phenomenon known as the Flynn effect—although recent years have seen a slowdown or reversal of this trend in several countries. To distinguish between the large set of proposed explanations, we categorize hypothesized causal factors by whether they accommodate the existence of within-family Flynn effects. Using administrative register data and cognitive ability scores from military conscription data covering three decades of Norwegian birth cohorts (1962–1991), we show that the observed Flynn effect, its turning point, and subsequent decline can all be fully recovered from within-family variation. The analysis controls for all factors shared by siblings and finds no evidence for prominent causal hypotheses of the decline implicating genes and environmental factors that vary between, but not within, families.
Commentary from the blog:
Gee – I wonder if this retardation of the human population might have anything to do with irradiating babies while they are in the womb with ultrasound causing DNA damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, chromosomal aberrations, brain damage, reproductive damage, and more.
I wonder if this might have anything to do with mothers using cell phones during pregnancy, exposing their developing babies to massive levels of non-ionizing radiation known to cause genetic damage, brain damage, reproductive damage, and more.
I wonder if this might have anything to do with the medical mafia injecting innocent children with vaccines that contain animal and insect DNA as well as neurotoxic chemicals designed to genetically alter humans and cause brain damage.
I wonder if this might be related to depriving babies of oxygen during birth by stealing their cord blood (1/3 of their blood supply) and selling it off to the highest bidder — something that also causes brain damage.
I wonder if this might have anything to do with exposing babies to harmful hospital protocols and toxic drugs during labor, all of which can and do cause extreme pain and trauma for the child, leading to further brain damage.
I wonder if this might be related to the fact that most children today are exposed to massive amounts of manmade, non-ionizing radiation while in utero, and then once they are home, they are further exposed through the use of baby monitors, cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, smart meters, smart TVs, microwave ovens, etc., all of which combine to cause further DNA and brain damage
It’s wakey wakey time people. The medical system is NOT our friend. We are contributing to our own extermination and that of our children by allowing the medical system to enter into our lives during pregnancy and birth.
Making matters worse is the fact that we are habitually using slick, radiation-emitting devices like cell phones, pretending that this is OK. It is not OK. In fact, if any of our children can reproduce, it will be a miracle. And it will be an even bigger miracle if they can produce children who are not genetically and/or intellectually compromised.

How Gut Bacteria Protect The Brain

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) acts as a gatekeeper, protecting the brain from various toxic elements while allowing the entrance of various life-sustaining nutrients like water, glucose, amino acids, and gases that are essential for the function of the brain. It is formed by cells that line the capillaries and are connected by what are called “tight junctions,” quite similar to the tight junctions in the cells that line the gut.
Any number of brain disorders is associated with breakdown of the BBB including infections, and even cancer. And as such, scientists have aggressively studied the BBB to determine specifically what leads to increased permeability and, perhaps most importantly, what can be done to reduce permeability in other words what can be done to reestablish the barrier, and protect the brain.
In a stunning new research report appearing in the journal, Science Translational Medicine, researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm studied the blood brain barrier in mice that were “germ free.” That means, that the mice used in this experiment did not have bacteria living within their intestines. Using highly sophisticated brain scanning technology, the researchers demonstrated that the blood brain barrier in these mice was significantly compromised, basically a situation of what we may call a “leaky brain,” and this leakiness of the barrier persisted into adulthood.
Even more compelling was their finding that when these mice received a fecal transfer, meaning that their intestines were inoculated with the fecal material including bacteria from a healthy mouse, the permeability of the blood brain barrier was markedly improved.
First, this research is groundbreaking. The implications of being able to manipulate the health of the blood brain barrier by making changes in the gut bacteria offers up for the first time a powerful therapeutic tool that may have incredibly wide application in brain disorders. Professor Sven Pettersson, the principal investigator involved in the study was quoted in Science Daily as stating:
Given that the microbiome composition and diversity change over time, it is tempting to speculate that the blood-brain barrier integrity also may fluctuate depending on the microbiome. This knowledge may be used to develop new ways for opening the blood-brain-barrier to increase the efficacy of the brain cancer drugs and for the design of treatment regimes that strengthens the integrity of the blood-brain barrier.
Second, this research adds further evidence to the notion that a wide array of human health issues may well depend upon the diversity and complexity of the array of bacteria that lives within the gut, known as our microbiome.
It is very humbling to consider that what seems to be emerging as our most powerful leverage point in terms of treating a variety of disease states may well rest in the hands of the hundred trillion bacteria that consider our bodies to be their home. These are the fundamentals of a new horizon in medicine that are explored in my new book, Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life.
Finally, in closing, let me state that I fully appreciate that conceptually, my blog postings are clearly becoming a bit more complex in terms of the subjects I am exploring. My mission is to do my very best to make this information understandable, and bring to your attention the health-related relevance of these new scientific discoveries.
The above data further reinforces the validity of me including probiotics in my top bars and powders. If you are not taking my powder or eating my bars regularly (which I would obviously recommend as they contain a LOT more ingredients beneficial to the body than just he probiotics) you may purchase the probiotics I use at the bottom of this page:

Cancer Loves Sugar

If you are not 100% convinced that consuming sweet, sugary (simple carbohydrate) foods is a bad idea for anyone with cancer (FYI-we ALL have cancer in our body) take one look at this. As far as I’m concerned there is absolutely no better image to really drive this point home and make it stick in your mind.
What you are looking at is a PET/CT scan, the best radiology imaging tool available for helping us find cancer hiding in the body. I order these almost every day in my practice.
The reason I show this to you is that PET/CT’s use sugar (“18F-fluorodeoxyglucose” or “18F-FDG”, a radiolabelled glucose molecule) to highlight the location of cancer in the body.
If there was anything better than sugar to help us identify hidden cancer in the body we would be using it.
How PET/CTs Work:
The PET/CT study involves having the patient fast before their scan and then get an injection of this radioactive sugar. They are then asked to sit in the waiting room for about an hour, giving time for the sugar to circulate around the body and be gobbled up by hungry cancer cells. Sugar is the #1 food cancer cells prefer to eat, so they load up on this 18-FDG like a kid in a candy store. Then the patient is brought back to the PET/CT scanner and are scanned from head to toe. Anywhere the sugar accumulates (i.e. cancerous tumors) shows up like a lightbulb on the scan. This is what you are looking at in the rotating image above.
If You Didn’t Know How Bad Sugar Was Before You Aren’t Alone:
Unfortunately, most conventionally trained medical doctors receive very little if any nutritional education in medical school or in resident training. As a result, it is hardly a surprise that the only snacks and drinks available to patients in most oncology offices are chips, crackers, surgery drinks and juices. To make matters worse, the ‘nutritional’ supplement drink recommended most often for cancer patients is loaded with sugar.

Reduce The Gap

Again this week I was thinking about how to more effectively commnicate the benefits of spectacular nutrition so more of my readers can enjoy better energy levels, mental clarity and great health for longer. I know from the feedback I receive how much better many people do on my products.
I looked at the fact that I have for myself an ideal scene at which I work diligently to obtain. This is as follows:
Physical: To have enough energy, flexibility, strength and agility to be physically capable of doing what I need and want to do all throughout the day
Mental: To wake alert and refreshed and to have the mental focus and clarity to communicate effectively, set goals, solve problems, learn and teach
The distance between where I am – my existing scene – and the above stated ideal scene is my “gap”. And I work to “reduce the gap”.
Then I got to thinking about where others are at. How I could help you “reduce the gap” betweem where you are and where you want to be?
Thinking this over I realised that there is a scale of existing scenes. It has inumerable points on it but there are broad groupings into one of which each of us falls:
1. Optimum health – flourishing, powerfully good health
2. Below optimum health – surviving OK, not sick but not flourishing
3. Unwell – sick (colds, flu, infections etc.)
4. Disease management – chronic ill health (diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases etc.)
5. Palliative care – dying
6. Dead
If you are reading this you are at one of the top 5 levels and because as we go through life most of us progress from Optimum health down through these levels they could also be called stages.
The ideal is obviously to spend as big a percentage as possible of our life in stage 1 then as much time as possible in stage 2 after which as little a percentage of our life as possible in stages 3 and below before we say goodbye.
After much reading, from observing the state of this civilisation and from talking to thousands of people, my conclusion is that the only way to accomplish the ideal is to continually and very actively, even aggressively work at either maintaining oneself at Optimum or closing the gap between where you are and Optimum. I observe that most people do not do this.
Unless one continually and very actively works at it, the multitude of hidden or unobtrusive survival suppressors wreak their progressively destructive havoc on the mind and body which takes one down the levels.
As you will read in the articles below, from the simplest, sweetest delight, suger, to the toxins in vaccines and in the poisons sprayed on our foods, survival suppressors are insidious, pervasive and almost ubiquitous.
So unless you consciously, deliberately and with malice aforethought do all you can to increase your nourishment and minimise your toxic intake and reduce the burden of your body’s existing toxic load, you will spend more time than you want to being sick and unhappy. Of course as I detail in my book, there are more than a dozen factors involved in optimum health, the above two, nutrition and toxins, are but two of them.
How Stem Cells Help Reduce The Gap
Now, to the punchline. I was sharing some data on Stem Cells with someone recently. How they are vital in replacing damaged cells and maintaining health and our body makes less of them as we age. She asked if I had a specific formula that would increase the release of stem cells from the bones. From past reading I had identified that my products had seven ingredients that boosted the release of stell cells but I wondered if there were more I could combine into a specific Stem Cell boosting version of NutriBlast. So I went reading.
Here is some data I found here:
In one study, a supplement containing green tea, astragalus, goji berry extracts, ellagic acid, and vitamin D fermented with a probiotic Lactobacillus species, was given to human volunteers twice daily for 2 weeks. Within a day, and continuing for the rest of the study, researchers detected significant increases in circulating bone marrow stem cells. They believe this was caused by stimulation of the body’s natural repair mechanisms (stem cells) by the nutraceutical combination.
And from:
A nutritional supplement could stimulate the production of stem cells integral for repairing the body. Research published in BioMed Central’s open access Journal of Translational Medicine suggests that a commercially-available supplement can increase the blood circulation of hematopoietic stem cells, which can give rise to all blood cells, and endothelial progenitor cells, which repair damage to blood vessels.
“To our knowledge, this is the first study demonstrating profound mobilization effect with possible clinical significance by a food supplement-based approach,” say the authors.
So in an attempt to create a formula that was as effective as possible in increasing circulating stem cells what I did was to create a new NutriBlast that has 36 ingredients in it. “Why 36?” I can hear someone ask, “Other stem cell boosting formulations on the market have only 3-5 ingredients in them.”
Well, those who have been on my mailing list for a while or have read much of my site or my book recall that nature is very synergistic. Many things have their effectiveness remarkably increased by taking them together. For instance chicken and broccoli both have anti-cancer properties but when eaten toether you get 13 times the anti-cancer benefit of eating each individually.
Similarly I have read that the cordyceps muchroom and blue green algae work together to boost the release of stem cells. So I included the ingredients in the formula you see on the ingredients tab.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Chaga Mushroom Powder
Cordyceps Mushroom Powder
Goji Berry
Gotu Kola
Green Tea Ext
He Shou Wu*
Irish Moss
Klamath Blue Green Algae*
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder
Maitake Mushroom Powder
Mesima Sang-huang Mushroom Powder
Reishi Mushroom Powder
Shiitake Mushroom Powder
Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder
Fulvic Minerals*
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
If you would like to “reduce the gap” between where you are and optimal health and would like to try the new NutriBlast Stem Cell blend, message me or pick up the phone (02 9552 3311) now I am back in town.
I have yet to make a batch so it would be useful to know what size you would prefer. The average cost of ingredients is much higher for this formula so the cost per tub will be as follows:
Size Bulk Retail
200 gram tub $56 $90
400 gram tub $100 $160