Stop Adani destroying our land and our culture

Stop Adani destroying our land and our culture

Adani – don’t destroy our land and our culture.

We, the Wangan and Jagalingou people, are the TRADITIONAL OWNERS of the land in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Coal company Adani wants to use our ancestral lands for their Carmichael coal mine.

We do hereby firmly REJECT a Land Use Agreement with Adani for the Carmichael mine on our traditional lands.

We DO NOT consent to the Carmichael mine on our ancestral lands.

We DO NOT accept Adani’s “offers” to sign away our land and our rights and interests in it. We will not take their “shut up” money.

We will PROTECT and DEFEND our Country and our connection to it.

We call on Adani to IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW from this damaging project on our land.

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Family Values?

silhouette of a family on a farm crop field where a tractor is spraying pesticides and herbicides

Just when you thought you’d heard the worst about Monsanto, comes this: Monsanto executives and paid shills for the company argued “to beat the shit” out of moms who criticized Roundup weedkiller.

They also declared “organic” to be the “enemy.”

As Monsanto’s new owner, Bayer, gears up to face another round of trials from plaintiffs alleging that exposure to Roundup caused them to get non-Hodgkin lymphoma, more revealing and disturbing internal emails and other documents are surfacing.

They’re ugly. They shed more light on Monsanto’s sinister tactics. And they target you.

As reported in New Food Economy, here’s what Monsanto Bruce Chassy, a University of Illinois biochemist, wrote to Monsanto executive Dan Goldstein, about a letter posted by Zen Honeycutt on the Moms Across America website:

“The funniest part about the letter is how it says my children got better when I fed them organic. There you have it. That’s your enemy. Beat the shit out of them and put them on the defensive and you won’t have this problem.”

Chassy fired back:

“I have been arguing for a week to beat the shit out of them and have clearly lost. We don’t want to be seen as beating up on mothers, nobody will listen to it anyway, it has to be done by third parties, it’s an industry problem not a Monsanto problem … I have heard it all this week.”

There you have it. From the company that brags on its website:

Respect for human dignity and human rights is the ethical foundation of everything we do. We treat people fairly and respectfully, irrespective of their religion, nationality, ethnic origin, culture, gender or sexual orientation. We value and foster diversity.

Well, almost everybody… …but clearly not moms who have an axe to grind with Roundup weedkiller. And not anyone who supports organic food and farming.

This is the evil we’re up against. It’s our job to keep up the pressure on corporations and politicians until one day, our food is poison-free.


EMF Warning Sign

This should be a wake up call to us all as it is not conjecture, it is not unsubstantiated opinion. This is hard, solid tests and results. Bad results. Results well worth fighting to avoid.

2019 Photo Contest

2019 Photo Contest

Talented photographers from around the world submitted more than 121,000 amazing photos to The Nature Conservancy’s 2019 global photo contest. It was tough, but we narrowed down the photos for our People’s Choice category.

Now we need YOUR HELP to choose the People’s Choice winner. Cast your vote for your favourite photo right now. Voting closes this Sunday 8 September.


This has been our most successful photo contest ever. From extraordinary moments to everyday beauty, we’re inspired by the variety of photographs entered from more than 150 countries. They’re a powerful reminder that nature’s wonder connects us all.

Now it’s your turn to help us showcase the best of the best. Take a moment to check out the finalists and vote for your favourite photos.

Thanks for being part of The Nature Conservancy’s community of supporters. Friends like you have an unmatched ability to see nature’s magnificence in the world around us. We’re grateful to have you with us.

Good luck!

Rachel Bailey
Director of Marketing and Membership

P.S. There are so many incredible photos, it’s worth the look!