Neurologist and Gut Specialist Claims to Possess Cure Mainstream Doctors Don't Want You to Know About

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride
“Our mainstream medicine is in the business of controlling symptoms,” she concluded. “Not in the business of curing anything.”
The GAPS nutritional protocol “restricts all grains, commercial dairy, starchy vegetables and all processed/refined carbohydrates while focusing on easily digestible and nutrient dense foods,” according to the website.
Campbell-McBride also touts the GAPS diet as the cure for colitis, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease, based on patients she says “fully recovered” after applying the regimen.

Spock Speaks Sooth

When you have watched “The Corporation” and read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” you will understand neither corpoorations (because they are profit motivated) and governments (because they can be blackmailed) can be trusted.
You, I am sorry to have to advise you, have to take responsibility for your own health. If you trust your GP to steer you in the direction of exercise, better diet and spiritual awareness (3 of the 12 factors I identified essential for optimal health) then you need to give yourself a reality check. Better than 9 times out of ten, it ain’t gonna happen!
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It's the cytokine storms we should worry about

Cytokine Storm
With regard to public health policy, most medical doctors, government health officials, and legislators have chosen to focus their warfighting strategy on false enemies and, as a consequence, have unwittingly compromised the natural defenses of entire populations and made people sicker, weaker, and more vulnerable to both infectious and chronic disease.