SEO Win for Just For You Software

I went through a learning curve a year back on the subject of search engine optimisation.
To comply with the principles I learned I then tweaked my web site pages, refined the menu labels and linking structure and reviewed the text etc. for each page.
Knowing it could take some time to climb the rankings ladder for some terms I then started monitoring the results to see how they improved.
I haven’t done that for a few months. In the interim Google have altered their ranking algorithm so I went back to it today to check on the progress. Here are the results:
Search terms targeted:         26
My web site ranks on first page in Google for 17 of them.
Number one rankings in Google:  5
And that is done with none of the black hat techniques and very few back links to my sites from other sites. Some of the SEO analysis and reviews I have read talk of pages with 15,000 back links!
I still have some improvements to make though. Top rankings for some terms like “business software” still elude me. Those pesky little competitors like MYOB, Sage, Sybiz, Finance Plus and NetSuite rank ahead of me still! 🙂
Just thought I’d mention my success to you, not to brag but illustrate that it really can be done by you too. Just because you are not a multi-national does not mean you cannot take on the market and have an impact in your niche.

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