Gender Dysphoria

Dear Tom,

If you haven’t yet signed this petition – please take a moment now to sign it. The petition closes this Thursday, 13 October.

We’re asking the government to conduct an independent inquiry into how to best treat children with gender dysphoria. 

The unquestioning, affirmative approach is rushing hundreds of Australian children into puberty blockers – and surgery – which have life-long, irreversible consequences, including infertility.

Even though the affirmation therapy model has been discredited!

Please sign this petition now – and share it with others – to call for an inquiry into how to best care for gender dysphoric children.

Thank you for taking action!

God bless,

Wendy Francis
National Director, Politics
Australian Christian Lobby


G’day Wendy,

I can save an arm and a leg in taxpayer funds by telling you the solution is very simply stop validating it! The more you validate it, the more attention you give it, the more of it you will get.

If it is true that you get that upon which you put your attention then the solution is to divert their attention away from it towards something constructive.

If you have seen the videos of late teens severely regretting their gender transition surgery advised them when they were young and impressionable you will most likely come to the same conclusion as I. That far too much harm comes from validating what may be transitory feelings.