Block the US Federal Government Tyranny!

In response to a post I made yesterday Guy Zino commented this. I thought this vitally important data was well worth passing on. This gives you an avenue by which to resist the tyranny from DC!
“The States will have to step up to resist an oppressive federal government. That is how the Constitution is set up as means to protect our freedoms. The Federal government is subordinate to the States. This is something that people don’t get. The Federal Government is SUBORDINATE TO THE STATES! The Federal government is simply a compact between the States to create a cooperative union for the States’ mutual benefit. The Federal government is not even a party to the agreement called the Constitution. It is a creation of the States. This is a basic concept very few people know much less even consider. I did not even realize this until very recently.”
So make your voice heard to your state member and get some sanity back into government!
Here is a resource for you:

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