The Two-Party Sham

Just posted this response on Facebook to someone not convinced that Ron Paul is the way to go.
Aimee, we have a similar sham in Australia. What you call Dems we call Labour. What you call Rep we call Liberal. In both countries they are both forwarding an agenda antipathetic to the interests of the man in the street and favourable to the profitability of the elite and the creation of the New World Order.
From what I read, Ron Paul is not of the establishment Republican mold. Typical establishment Republicans are for maintaining the status quo and rewarding the big business interests from where they derive their campaign funds and from where they receive their highly remunerative paychecks when they leave office.
Ron Paul is for the man in the street first, last and always. Please do not take my word for this, it is too important a decision for you, America and the free world. Do your own homework and verify for yourself what I have just said.

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