Google evangelist warns Facebook could be the next AOL or IBM

Vint Cerf, Google’s chief internet evangelist, and the man who designed one of the key building blocks of the internet, warned that Facebook’s ‘closed’ architecture meant that it was risk of eventually failing to keep up with the public who want an open standard so they can easily jump from one website to another.
One comment I loved: “I think that Google are a magnificent company.
I think that it is incredibly benevolent of one of their senior employees to advise their major competitor to make changes in order to improve their business, thus harming Google by moving Facebook towards being a one-stop shop.
This kind of considerate, self-disinterested, non-money oriented decision is what has made Google what it is today.
It’s so refreshing to see big business willingly injure itself in order to make the consumers life that much better.
Google, I applaud you.”

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