More on masks, from a friend:

Today my heart goes out to my friends and the people of Melbourne who are forced to wear masks.

As a health professional, I do not agree with this. I have a special interest in the microbiome – this terms covers the 90 trillion plus microbial life that live with us humans. By the way, there are approximately 3 trillion human cells so it is our synergistic cohabitation with the myriad of microbes that dictates how our body metabolises and who we actually are.

You may remember Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds. The aliens that invaded planet Earth were not overwhelmed by human strength or weaponry, but by sudden exposure to unknown virii and microbes. That’s what killed them.

As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Over the eons of our existence on this planet, we have learned to co-exist with these microbes, and they become part of our microbiome.

When mainstream media and people from the ‘medical model’ say we need to wear masks and be super-sterile, and self-isolate and not mix with people this is a very mechanistic reductionist world view. This is the opposite to what I have come to understand in my learning and continuing education.

If you are concerned about being weak, if you are frail, convalescing, undergoing treatment, elderly, then by all means, take extra care but this should not stop healthy people from interracting and moving freely in this world. This makes us strong physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Just recently Daniel Andrews quoted from an Australian Government publication to the General Public stating that “surgical masks are only helpful in preventing people who have coronavirus disease from spreading it to others. If you are well, you do not need to wear a mask as there is little evidence supporting the use of surgical masks in healthy people to prevent transmission to the public.”

The WHO also recently published that masks weren’t helpful.

The Better Health Coronavirus Hotline stated “Don’t wear a facemask if you are well”

What has changed? The talk now is not about deaths, which to date are 108 people, which of course is sad, but the use of the word ‘Pandemic’ is not justifiable. Now in Australia, the fear-mongering is about increase in number of cases. I am encouraged to hear of many cases which are asymptomatic – as this is telling me that we are learning to live with this new virus. I believe this is not about health at all, to me it is power, control, falsehood. One has to ask why??

Wearing of masks actually damages us in various ways –

  • it builds up Co2 and exosomes which are waste products of respiration and retained & recirculated against our mouth and nose in the mask
  • it lowers the oxygenation in our blood, hence our immunity
  • it creates psychological distress which lowers our immune system by increasing stress hormones such as cortisol
  • it causes fear and trepidation and divides friends, family, loved ones.

There has been no mainstream talk about staying healthy by eating nutritious food, supplementing with immune strengthening Vits D, A, C and zinc. No talk about fresh air and sunshine. There has been rejection of staying psychologically strong through social interactions with our family, friends and the world we live in, just spreading of fear-based narratives.

Once again, I write this as I am passionate about sharing what I have come to learn. I wish to reassure my friends, especially those in Melbourne that I am not personally attacking their beliefs. My pure intention is to speak my truth and hopefully help you to not live in fear. I love you, am not judging you. I just want to help you.