Planned Genocide?

Citizens Electoral Council National Chairman Ann Lawler delivered a hard-hitting indictment to Tony Windsor’s committee hearings in Dubbo this week, that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is conspiring with Australia’s banks to shut down our nation’s food bowl, all at the behest of the British Crown.
“The CEC is the only political party in the country”, Mrs Lawler testified, “which is fighting against this genocidal take-down of the Murray-Darling Basin food bowl, along with our nation’s industrial economy. The science of ‘wetlands and birdlife’ is not only absolute quackery, it’s criminal by intent. For over 20 years the CEC has extensively researched, publicised and organised against the British Crown’s deliberate take-down of those things which make us an independent nation, using their tools of free trade, the monetarist looting of our productive industries and infrastructure, and, lately, environmentalism.
“Look at the MDBA itself, and the Water Act 2007. Both were organised or drafted according to the specific dictates of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, a subsidiary of Prince Philip’s WWF.
“Our in-depth documentation of this take-down, leaves no doubt that the Basin has been set up for destruction, by the MDBA, by the City of London’s stooges in Australia’s banks, and by gullible, gutless or corrupt politicians, of all persuasions, who have sold their souls to the murderous market ideology of the British Empire; the same British Empire which controls 70 per cent of the world’s finance through its Inter-Alpha Group of Banks, that today, is being bailed out with trillions of taxpayer dollars.
“For a sensuous understanding of how they are going about it, read the report by Adrian Rizza, commissioned by the MDBA, early last year.
(Click here to read the CEC’s exposé of the Rizza Report of December 2010.)
“The Crown’s MDBA is inducing the banks and financial institutions to call in their loans to the Basin and, at the same time, is using the Government water buyback scheme as a bailout for their banks. Compensation won’t be spent in the local communities; it goes to the banks to reduce debt.
“The banks informed Rizza that they are already forcing water buybacks and foreclosing under their ‘material adverse event’ (MAE) covenants written into their loans, thereby devaluing the whole region. But the MDBA had dispatched Rizza for months of discussions with the banks to make sure they understood the depth of the MDBA’s intent. The result? The banks have now stated that the release of the devastating Basin Guide is itself the biggest MAE, as Rizza emphasised in his report.”
(Click here to see the MDBA at work “assisting” Basin farmers.)
And, Mrs Lawler added yesterday, “Not only will this shatter the Basin, its hard-working families and its extraordinary agricultural production, but all this is happening when, even according to official figures, almost one billion people around the world are chronically hungry, while another billion or so are undernourished, due to lack of adequate food. Even World Bank president Robert Zoellick stated on 15th February that the recent skyrocketing of food prices had already pushed an additional 44 million people into extreme poverty, which is closely associated with hunger. Given this reality, and that the Basin feeds not only many millions of Australians but some 50 million other human beings, what kind of inhuman monster would shut it down? Only someone like Prince Philip, who has repeatedly expressed his wish that the world population plunge from its present 6.9 billion down to 1-2 billion, or less.
“And this British gang which is now running Coles is part of this. There is no ‘price war’ between Coles and Woolies. It is a Crown-run price war against our farmers, to drive them out of business one way or another. And since all of Australia’s ‘major’ political parties are just lackeys for the Crown, perhaps it is time for an ‘Egypt’ here in Australia.”

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